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Here's a pic of the gingerbread tree finished, meaning that it's standing upright. Saara also made a gingerbread house, which was really cute and very tasty too...


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Saara is on a gingerbread baking spree. She made a HUGE amount of the dough, and these are the first ones to be ready. I'd say they look both pretty and yummy. The bad thing is, she won't let us eat them yet... An evil, evil child :D

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I went to see the Hobbit with my daughter. I wanted 2D, she wanted 3D, and somehow she always seems to win... Not that it was bad in 3D, but those glasses are just annoying sometimes.

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Dec. 1st, 2012 10:16 pm
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I was asked to post a pattern for the beret I knitted. I made a quick translation of it from Finnish to English, and I can't promise there are no mistakes. But anyone who has knitted at least some, will quickly realize this is a very easy pattern. It's all as a circular knit, either with double pointed needles, or a circular needle (from 40 to 60 cm long, I think... I did it with double pointed needles)
EDIT: The original pattern is a free one from here:  I just translated it, hopefully correctly.

The pattern )
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I made this thingy (still not sure if it's a hat, a beanie, or a beret...) for my friend Steph. That's my daughter modelling it for me, surprisingly enough. Usually Saara just gives me this "you've got to be kidding me, I will never do it" - look, when I ask for a favor like this :D She can be kind of... un-cooperative, probably thanks to her age. Well, I love her anyway, and the knitting is pretty good :)

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Sometimes I think I really fail at life. Then I realize I'm still alive, so actually I've failed at dying. I can live with that :)

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I had the worst case of anxiety in a long time yesterday. Had to take the pills, had to control breathing, had to sit on my hands because they were shaking so badly, and so on. And I'm not even fully sure where it came from. I got through it anyway, and today is a better day :)
I'm so stable, on my scale, nowadays, that these things hit hard simply because I'm not expecting them like I used to. Of course I know all my disorders are there, and I'm not mentally healthy, never will be... but when the calmer time is longer, the highs and lows feel bigger when they come, if that makes sense.


Knit Picks

May. 1st, 2012 02:48 am
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A few pictures of some knits I've made, and one card I made that I was very proud of :)

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Apr. 2nd, 2012 05:42 pm
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I've been knitting a lot of regular socks, but I have also tried a bit different ones. And ta-daa! I present some pictures :)

Pictures over here! )

Was fun trying out new kinds of socks, and [ profile] borrowyourlight will get different kinds than these, since I promised to make her a pair :)
(which will be my next project, by the way)

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[Error: unknown template qotd]This one, because my son has been playing Rock Band again quite a lot. For some reason I find myself humming it...

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[Error: unknown template qotd]To some this may sound like a missed opportunity to meet some amazing people from the past... but I would go for the living. The ones I really would LOVE to have around the same table, if it somehow magically would be possible.
I would get [ profile] framedinlove , [ profile] ssddgr , [ profile] dontgetanyolder and [ profile] tiger_bri_duck here :) Actually, I would love to get some other people from my F-list here as well, but these four already have things in common and would all probably want to be here. Maybe I could have two magical dinner parties...
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I went to the Spinefeast at the Sea cruise with my son the last week. (the name comes from Spinefarm Records)
We went there to see Dragonforce, but two of the other bands were ones I liked too. I was really tired afterwards, because we had to take a train to Helsinki, a taxi to the ship, have the cruise, take a taxi to the train and the train back home. And of course I was responsible for the kid all the time :) We had a lot of fun, though. We managed to be right in the front, and I know we'll probably never see the band so close again. Santeri was SO excited... jumping up and down and singing along. The best part probably was, when Vadim (plays keyboards) came to us in the middle of the song with the portable keyboard thingy, and Santeri got to play them for a brief moment. He was extremely happy about it :D

I love doing these things, because this is something we both love, and we get to do it together. With Saara it's something else, and I think they both need some alone time with me, even though they would never admit that ;) (mom is NOT a cool person at that age)

My laptop almost crashed due some weird incompatibility problem, but my hero of a husband saved it :) I so love him when he does that...

Sorry if I haven't been commenting. I have been tired and lazy :( I do think about you all, especially the ones who are having a hard time. I haven't forgotten.

Here's a clip or two from the gig.

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I have mentioned this before, but here goes anyway :)

My absolute dream job would be a sign language interpreter. One of our family friends is deaf, and I learnt to sign so I could interact with him better. He and his wife say I'm actually really good, but if I wanted to work, I would need to go to the right school. Problem is (besides my health problems) that there isn't a suitable school near enough. So I can't really get the right education. Well, at least I have a useful skill since I can communicate with deaf people rather well :)

As a bonus, here's a video by a Finnish artist Signmark, who happens to be deaf. In my opinion, he uses sign language in a really cool way. Songs are my favourite things to sign, because I can just let go and feel and show emotions :)

New socks

Oct. 17th, 2011 07:02 pm
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I made these for Saara. The sock itself is very basic, the rib-knit goes all the way down the top of the sock though, so it was easy to see where the laces go. She really likes these, and already wants another pair with different colours :)

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The perfect pizza is no pizza. I've tried several kinds, but the fact remains, that pizza is not for me. I hate the tomato sauce, the cheese, most toppings... Yeah, no thanks. I would love to like it, though. So far, no luck.
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Bumped into an announcement telling that Dragonforce is going to be playing in Finland! Well, at least partly in Finland. You see, they'll be playing on a cruise ship, on its way to Tallinn, Estonia. The ship sails from Helsinki, and you can guess how fast I booked a cabin for me and Santeri... It's not that expensive, and you can see a lot of bands. Here's some info of it, if anyone is interested:  (it is in English)

Anyway, I can't believe we'll see them again so soon :) Dragonforce is kind of a strange band, with the loooong guitar solos and "hero" lyrics, but I really like them for some reason. Partly because their songs give me the most trouble in Guitar Hero. God, I sweat so badly every time I play Through the Fire and Flames...

The cruise is in next January, so we have to wait for a bit, but not too long. There is an age limit, you have to be over twenty, but Santeri can come, because he'll be with a parent. So a bit of fun in store for us :)

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The one on the right. Rhubarb & Strawberry semifreddo chocolate... *sigh* It is SO good. Not too sweet and just so yummy. This is a new love, since it was only released not so long ago, but it went straight to the top of my list. I also love fresh berries in the summertime, just as they are, or with vanilla ice cream :)
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We were visiting my sister and her family (met my brother and my parents too) last weekend. I woke up in a very irritated mood on Saturday and with a horrible headache. Then the others decided to make a few hour trip to Naantali, which is a little under hour's drive from Salo, where we were. At that point I tried to say it wasn't a good idea for me to go, but they talked me into it anyway... (read: they didn't really listen to me) Putting a Buffy picture here, this is how I looked:

So, we left and stopped at IKEA to eat (they serve pretty decent food that doesn't cost much), and somehow all my frustration, anxiety, headache (yeah, still, even with pain-pills) and whiny kids, almost broke me down. I was an inch away from either screaming my lungs out or sitting on the floor crying. In Buffy pictures, about in this state:

At that moment my husband realized I really wasn't okay, and told me to take something (meds) if I had them with me. I did, and I sat down and downed three Diazepams with juice. They helped me through IKEA :) (There was a bright point with that visit. I found curtains for our living room REALLY cheap. The fabric cost 0,95 euros/meter, which is like... nothing)
I took two more pills in Naantali, and I survived the trip without making a scene. Back at my sister's, I talked to them, and said that I understand how they think I'm mostly all right most of the time, but they should still believe when I say I'm not up to some trip or something else. My moods can change very quickly to VERY bad sometimes, and if I hadn't had my meds with me, they would've had an ugly scene at IKEA...

Otherwise I loved seeing everyone there, and my niece and nephew liked the gifts we brought them from London. Still, being at home again is extremely nice :) My own bed, my own things, peace and quiet...

I hope you all are doing well in your own lives, with your own problems. *hugs and strength to you all*

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Still in London :) Everything has gone well, although the flight was horrible... well, so is life :)  I'll make a proper update once we're back, so probably on Tuesday. Untill then *smiles and hugs*


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