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We had such a great time on Saturday! There was finally just under 40 guests. Weather was perfect, not too hot, but sunny and warm. All the food was good, even the strawberry cake I made with Saara was all gone, and it was big. After most of the guests left, me, Rami, my sis, my brother and one of Rami´s sisters with her husband went to dinner. Well, my parents came too but they left after dinner. The restaurant did well, cause everybody liked what they ate. I had my usual stake...I can´t seem to be able to try anything new. I´m too picky and afraid to taste foods. I volunteered to be the driver, cause I don´t like to drink anyway cause my meds. Others had wine, beer, whatever, not sure :)

After dinner we did a little barhopping, well, four places. The six of us had a really great time, best time in years for me :) Hey, drinks, loud music, great company, what is there not to love!
After that we drove my sis and brother to our grandparents place where they were staying for the night. (Rami´s sister and her husband were staying in a hotel.)

And at about 2am we were home, had some VERY nice time ;) and I slept till 11am, had some strawberries and went back to sleep. I got finally up at 3pm, and now I feel quite rested actually :)

We got some really nice gifts, dishes for this Pentik collection (it´s called Apple) we love, towels, a candle lantern (beautiful), quite a bit of money, a gift certificate for a store so we can by a new microwave owen and some other stuff. I got a monkey mug I´ve been drooling over from Rami, and also something I can´t tell, but it´s really good :)

My grandpa read two poems, one that he wrote on the night before we got married, it´s called "Your Picture" (I think I cried a little...) and one that is called "Anniversary". He has written a poem in honor of our wedding too, but he did´t read it this time. It´s called "The River and The Ocean", I cried like a baby at our wedding when he read it there 15 years ago, so maybe it was for the best not to read it on Saturday :)

All in all, this was the best wedding anniversary ever, really. Everything went so well, everybody had a good time and I´ll remember this always. Now it´s back to ordinary, kids have little over a week of vacation left before school starts again, and luckily it will be warm and sunny if the forecast is right.

Thank you everybody for the congrats, warm thoughts and everything. If I get pictures from my mom I´ll post some. Love ya!


Jul. 1st, 2009 11:54 am
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I have mentioned FEW times that our 15th wedding anniversary is soon. We just sent the invitations, and I wanna share with you the amazing picture Saara drew for those. Ta ta da taa:

Isn´t it fab? I mean it´s much more fun than a photo would have been. Again I´m being a very proud mom :)


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