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Pairing: Spuffy
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
Rating: Overall NC-17, this chapter PG-13
Warnings: Swearing
Beta: All around amazing [info]ssddgr  Thank you ever so much!!
Disclaimer: Most of the characters belong to Joss and Co, not me. This is fanfiction, written just for the fun of it, no money made

AN: The amazing piece of storyart/banner by [info]framedinlove  Love ya lots!

Chapter 10 


How to make a wish )
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Pairing: Spuffy
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
Rating: Overall NC-17, this chapter PG
Warnings: Some minor cursing
Beta: All around amazing [info]ssddgr  Thank you ever so much!!
Disclaimer: Most of the characters belong to Joss and Co, not me. This is fanfiction, written just for the fun of it, no money made

AN: The amazing piece of storyart/banner by [info]framedinlove  who rocks my socks off :)
AN2: My RL has been more than a little chaotic lately, so it has taken way too long to post this chapter, but here it is, finally


Chapter 9 One more day )
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Pairing: Spuffy
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
Rating: Overall NC-17, this chapter G
Warnings: None in this chapter
Beta: All around amazing [info]ssddgr  Thank you ever so much!!
Disclaimer: Most of the characters belong to Joss and Co, not me. This is fanfiction, written just for the fun of it, no money made

AN: The amazing piece of storyart/banner by [info]framedinlove  Anni, remember what I said about this manip? It is the best ever :)


Chapter 8 Thoughts )


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Pairing: Spuffy
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
Rating: Overall NC-17, this chapter G
Warnings: None in this chapter
Beta: All around amazing [info]ssddgr  Thank you ever so much!!
Disclaimer: Most of the characters belong to Joss and Co, not me. This is fanfiction, written just for the fun of it, no money made

AN: The amazing piece of storyart/banner by [ profile] framedinlove  Anni, you rock girl!

Chapter 7



Warriors )
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Pairing: Spuffy
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
Rating: Overall NC-17, this chapter G
Warnings: None in this chapter
Beta: All around amazing [info]ssddgr  Thank you ever so much!!
Disclaimer: Most of the characters belong to Joss and Co, not me. This is fanfiction, written just for the fun of it, no money made



A/N: This is the second part of the chapter, since it became way too long.  Also, the banner is by [ profile] framedinlove 


Spike could tell he had her undivided attention, so he finally delivered the news. "He knows clan leaders are very suspicious about everything. That's why he has kept his plans very much in secret. I´ve still managed to gather bits here and there, and the bottom line says that he tries to do what I suspected."




Buffy tried to keep the fear off her voice, but didn't quite succeed. "So he wants all clans to unite. Great, just great..." She took a deep breath to calm herself before getting more involved into the matter. "How would that work, in reality? I need details."




Of course he had picked up on the fear, but could hear there was also strong determination and courage in her tone. She was obviously the right girl to stop Angelus. "If they unite it will stop clan wars, since all areas will be divided in advance."




"What about people? Just what would that mean for everyone?" Buffy kept telling herself to concentrate on the details, think about it all clinically to keep the panic away.




Spike stood and walked a few steps further away, to look out of the window. What he was about to say wouldn't make her any friendlier towards vampires, including him, no matter that he was helping her. "They plan to turn enough people to form a whole new society where humans will be slaves. They won't be more than sources of blood, servants, some sort of amusement maybe..."




When Buffy didn't say anything, he turned back and found her staring into nothing. Spike wasn't sure what she was thinking, but she didn't look all that well. He had something positive to say, though, and thought that maybe that would help. "The plan is now only in its early stage. That´s why the leaders are coming here: to discuss about it together, figure out how to pull it off. We still have plenty of time to stop it. There's no need to... fall into depression."




That seemed to sink in, and Buffy pressed her face into her palms, her elbows on her thighs. "I thought about this after you told me what you suspected, but to hear he really wants to enslave all people is chilling." Her words were a bit mumbled, but Spike had no trouble hearing them. There was a pause and what sounded a lot like a sniffle. "I can´t believe I loved him just a while ago... I kissed him, made love with him, and now this." Another sniffle, strangely followed by a hiccupped laugh. "Bad breakup doesn't even begin to describe this mess." Finally, she lifted her head, but her eyes stayed down-casted and her voice was sad. "And to think that if it weren´t for me all this wouldn´t be happening."




The amount of guilt in her voice stabbed him through the heart. She was obviously blaming herself for everything Angelus had done or meant to do. Spike knew better, however. He knew Angelus, how his mind worked, what he was capable of doing and why. Buffy wasn't the one to blame, and it was time to tell her just that. "Yes it would! Maybe not at the exact same time, but it would. He would've found someone else to have his happy moment with, and personally I think he would've thought some sort of world domination scheme even with the soul."




Buffy listened to him, amazed. Everyone had pretty much told her it was her fault. They hadn't said it out loud, directly, except for Xander, but it had been written on their faces, in their eyes. Every single one of them had somehow expressed the opinion that she had acted the wrong way by hooking up with Angel. She had caused Jenny's death and the deaths of many others; Angelus had been very active with the killing, after all. Now, Spike of all beings, was telling her it wasn't her fault. "I can't—it was me. I'm the reason Angelus is back. It's no use trying to think otherwise."




Spike crouched down in front of her and held her gaze. "Listen to me, and listen to me good. I know Angelus, and Darla told me and Dru what kind of bloke Liam was. He was a drunk, used women as he liked, got into fights nearly every day, and spent all the money he could get out of his parents and friends."




Buffy looked like she didn't believe him. "He wasn't anything like that when he was still Angel."




He should've guessed she wouldn’t be able to picture it. "Becoming a vampire changes you, but some personality traits never disappear. Liam is still there, and he and the demon are too strong. There's no way that borrowed soul could've kept him in line forever."




The guilt had been a huge part of her life for a long time. First she had been feeling guilty when her parents had started to fight, when her being the Slayer had landed her in trouble time and time again. She always carried with her the suspicion that their divorce was her fault. Later, it had been Willow, and Xander, and—heavens—even Cordy she’d felt guilty about. Helping Buffy had put their lives at risk so many times, and that shouldn´t have been so.




And then there was Angel. She had known from the get-go that it wasn´t right to get involved with him. Not only because he was a vampire, but he had been so secretive and cryptic and stalkery that everything about him should have screamed "don´t go there" right away. If she were to be honest with herself, everything had, but she’d been sixteen and truly in love for the first time, and that had made her ignore that scream. Now Spike was kind of lifting part of her guilt off her shoulders. She wanted to believe him. Badly. "It isn't easy, letting go of the remorse. They all—my friends, they blame me on some level. These things don´t just go away, you know."




"Maybe they don´t, but they stay or go regardless of how responsible you feel."




There was truth in Spike's words and an understanding in his gaze, and both caused a warm feeling inside her, easing her pain. "Is it really that simple?"




He smiled then, a thoughtful smile, gentle almost. "You can´t concentrate on fulfilling your part in this play we call life if you don´t let the guilt go. You have to see the big picture and where you fit in it, not dwell on things you couldn´t possibly have prevented. Can you do that?"




Well that was the question! Spike was right, though. She couldn´t give her undivided attention to things that needed it while pondering whether she was the one to be blamed. Her parents had assured her time after time that she hadn’t been the reason for their divorce. She tried to make Willow and Xander stay away when she went slaying, but they came along anyway. And if what Spike had said about Angelus with or without soul was true, this whole current mess was not on her shoulders, either. So she decided to at least give a go at not blaming herself. Who knew? Maybe it would work…  eventually.




"I can try. What you said about Angel... Thank you. It helps. You are very insightful, you know. Where do you get that? Did some of Dru´s mind-reading get into your system at your turning?" Her words had a teasing tone; riling Spike up was proving to be quite fun.





"I can be insightful on my own just fine, missy!" Wriggling his forefinger in front of her, Spike made a show of being angry, though in reality he was anything but. "When you live over a hundred and twenty years, you learn a lot about reading people. That is, if you put your mind into it. I´ve always found it interesting, watching others, so I´ve become pretty good at knowing how their minds work."




Buffy laughed at his mock anger. "I bet that can be useful. Is that how you managed to find out this tiny little diabolical surprise my ex has come up with?" There she went again, joking about things that were scary, dangerous! Buffy decided she should give it some good, long thought when she got back home.




Spike was pleased that she laughed and joked. It was a good sign. He didn't want the Slayer to be depressed; that would only make her a lousy ally. Then there was the small part of him that just liked to hear her laughter—a part that Spike ignored. That way lay badness of the worst kind. "Partly. And speaking of coming up with surprises, I’ve thought of one that’s my own."




She knew Spike and plans were not so mixy, but she didn't want to say it and make him really angry, so she smiled instead. Her tone was interested when she asked, "You have? Are you gonna tell me?" Of course she really wanted to know what he had in mind, so it came easily.




Spike gave her a that-was-a-stupid-question look. "Yes. That´s the whole point of our working together, isn´t it? Now listen. We are taking out the clan leaders. Every single one, including Angelus and Dru. That's not all, however. We also need to eliminate some of the ones who're next in line to be a leader, so they won't have the same uniting idea again."




Buffy seemed to think that Spike had just gone crazy. "Are you serious? Seriously insane? We´ll never be able to do that."




A big, sly grin spread on Spike's face. It was obvious he was about to share something juicy. "That´s why we need the help of those other five Warriors of Light."





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Pairing: Spuffy
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
Rating: Overall NC-17, this chapter G
Warnings: None in this chapter
Beta: All around amazing [info]ssddgr  Thank you ever so much!!
Disclaimer: Most of the characters belong to Joss and Co, not me. This is fanfiction, written just for the fun of it, no money made

AN: This chapter has been ready for some time now, but I only managed to post it now... Also, this was becoming too long of a chapter, so I had to divide it in two. That's why it ends like it does, I'm not trying to delay revealing Angelus' plans.
The amazing piece of storyart by[ profile] framedinlove 


Chapter 6 here )


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Pairing: Spuffy
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
Rating: Overall NC-17, this chapter G
Warnings: None in this chapter
Beta: All around amazing [ profile] ssddgr  Thank you ever so much!!
Disclaimer: Most of the characters belong to Joss and Co, not me. This is fanfiction, written just for the fun of it, no money made

AN: Don't be disappointed cause the clans don't get huge amount of attention in this chapter. I will return to the matter in the future chapters :) 

AN2: The storyart by the talented[ profile] framedinlove 



Chapter 5 Something Big )
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Title:  Not That Kind Of A Monster
Pairing:  Spuffy
Genre:   Action, Romance, Drama
Rating:   Overall NC-17, this chapter PG
Warnings:  Nothing really.
Beta:  All around amazing [info]ssddgr  Thank you ever so much!!
Disclaimer:   Most of the characters belong to Joss and Co, not me. This is fanfiction, written just for the fun of it, no money made.

AN: The amazing piece of storyart by[ profile] framedinlove 


Chapter 4 Making a deal )
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Title:  Not That Kind Of A Monster
Pairing:  Spuffy
Genre:   Action, Romance, Drama
Rating:   Overall NC-17, this chapter G
Warnings:  None in this chapter
Beta:  All around amazing [ profile] ssddgr  Thank you ever so much!!
Disclaimer:   Most of the characters belong to Joss and Co, not me. This is fanfiction, written just for the fun of it, no money made.

AN: This chapter is from Buffy's POV And the marvelous storyart is by[ profile] framedinlove 


Chapter 3 I'm in charge )
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It´s not a secret that I don´t like Twilight, at all. But now I went and wrote a short crossover fic between BtVS and Twilight.
I wrote it as a contest entry in DA.
It´s only a short scene where Buffy and Spike are looking for Bella, and find out about the Cullens.
So, here it is, un-betaed, so all the mistakes are my own.

They all are NOT mine, this is just my fiction, no money involved.


"What are they Spike?"
"They´re vampires luv, you know that."
"But they don´t act like vampires, and I don´t get the same kind of tinglies from them as I usually do around you vamps."
"They are a different species, born from a slightly different kind of demon than we are. Vampire demon, but just, different. I haven´t seen many in all my years. They don´t turn people so easily. They also look different, don´t have the bumpies at all, or the yellow eyes. I´m not sure if there are any other quirks, could be."

They were sitting in a SUV with slightly darkened windows at a parking lot of a high school in Forks, Washington.
Buffy had never been to this part of US before, and even Spike hadn´t been in this small town. Boring as hell, had he stated five minutes after they drove into town.
They needed to be there though. There was a girl to be rescued. Girl that was currently changing angsty looks with one of the vampires.

Buffy´s Slayer senses told her that the girl was something like a Slayer too, but different. There was a lot of different going on here, maybe there´s something like a hellmouth too, she thought.

"I don´t think she´s a Slayer, Spike. But there´s definitely something weird about her."
"I know. Cordy´s vision told just that she´s important, has powers that can be used either for bad or for good. And as much as I´m still bad, I like it more when the world isn´t ending."
"Yeah yeah, I remember, you really like your dog racing, right?"
"Right, but you know it´s this feisty little Slayer I like more than anything in this world now. Don´t you?"

"I know. I wish I knew her, I bet she´s something special..."
"Oh you little wise ass..."
"But I thought you liked my ass Spike?"
"Well, you got me there luv. We really should try and focus on the job though."
"You´re no fun. But you´re right. What should we do? Kidnap her? And what about that vamp, do you think he will be trouble if we take this Bella away?"

"Could be. Vampires are very territorial, and if he thinks she belongs to him things could get ugly. I know I would raise hell if someone took you away."
"You would. But we´re mated and in love, I don´t think there was much love in their looks."
"Vampires can see someone as their property without mating, or love. He might see that Slayer-like demon inside her and just want her, for blood, for sex, for power, you take your pick."

Sun suddenly peeked out trough the clouds, and Buffy saw something weird.
"Did you see that Spike?! That glimmer. It was their skin I think."
"I saw it alright. Damn, I thought that was a fairytale for sure! I´ll own Clem ten kittens now."
"What are you talking about? Spike! Tell me, now."
"Clem once told me that these vamps don´t burn in the sun, they glimmer. Thought that was the stupidest thing I´ve ever heard. But it seems that Clem was right. Do you think anyone saw it besides us?"

"I don´t think so, almost everyone was inside already. And it was such a short glimpse that I´m not even sure I saw it. This is weird even on Sunnydale scale. It´s like we´re in a Twilight zone or something, I mean, shiny vampires?"
"Right there with you kitten. Pretty poncy thing if you ask me. Sounds like "Queer Eye For a Vampire" or something."
"Is there a TV show you DON´T watch Spike? I mean, Passions is lame, but that one? You wanna get all polished next? Maybe you and Angel could do it together, like go to a day spa and ,,,"

"Shut it little girl! Don´t compare me to that poofter! And I really don´t wanna be all shiny!"
"Okay, don´t fret! What do you say if I go and get the girl to come with us, and you go and find out what that vamp is up to?"
"Fine with me. I´ll just go and see if he has any claim on Bella or not. We´ll meet back here."


"Hi, you´re Bella, right? I´m Buffy, and I wanted to talk with you. There are some pretty weird things going on, and I wanna help you with them. You see, I´m a vampire Slayer."
Bella´s eyes went wide.
"A what of what?"


"Hi, name´s Spike. I wanna have few words with you. You see, I know what you are. What I don´t know is what you want with that Bella chick. And don´t lie or try anything funny. You may be shiny, but I can be real bumpy and fangy, you know, like a real vampire."
Edwards brow furrowed and his eyes flashed.
"You´re a what? I know what I am, and you´re not a vampire."
"Wanna bet?"


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AU story with VampBuffy and Spike as a Slayer

Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Buffy and Spike are still not mine, but they gave the inspiration for this fic, no profit made
Beta: Wonderful [ profile] petzipellepingo , you rock!
Storyart: By talented [ profile] framedinlove . I´ve thanked you in every chapter, and I do now too. Not just for the banner, but everything else too, I really hope you like where this story went. Love ya!

AN: So here it is, the final chapter. I can´t believe I wrote all this...I thank every one that has commented on this fic, you have given me the confidence to go on. Hope you have enjoyed this, I know I have.

Chapter 9

Spike had never felt so good in his entire life. He watched Buffy as she slept, every now and then brushing his fingers over her skin. She still breathed in her sleep, making her look more alive than dead. He was happy that her pale skin would soon get some color. She would have the sun back, and it thrilled him to know it was because of him. He could give her back what that vampire and the Council had taken away. Spike felt her in his soul, completing him, making him whole. He kissed her on her forehead and whispered,
"Mine, forever."

"Yours Spike, gladly." She opened her eyes slowly, a bright smile on her face. She was about to kiss him when something else demanded her attention. She could see the sun shining through the blinds, and quickly got up to the window. Her hand shook a little when she pulled the blinds up and let the sun in. She closed her eyes, and few tears ran down her cheeks when she felt the warm sun on her skin.

Spike walked to stand behind her and hugged her to his chest.
"You have the sun again. Not just darkness for you anymore pet."
"It´s so warm. I had forgotten how it feels. You gave this to me. Thank you."
"My pleasure. What do you want do today. It´s Saturday, no work for me."
"Can we just go out for a walk, and have breakfast maybe?"
"Sure. Lets get dressed, and then we go out and have a bite to eat. How do you feel about pancakes?"
"My favorite breakfast! Did you just read my mind?"
"No, they are my favorite as well. You see, we really were destined to be together."

Half an hour later they were already sitting at the diner and before long both of them were devouring the pancakes.
"I hate to interrupt your pancake-fest Buffy, but do you think we should tell something to Giles? We usually talk every day, and he´s already wondering who helped me to dust those vamps."
"I suppose we could go see him after this. That way he will be deep in research quickly and not disturb us tomorrow."
"And what happens tomorrow, may I ask?"
"Beach? Just that?"
"Spike, I´ve had 22 year long break from sun, and I used to love the beach. I´m not doing anything un-beach-y tomorrow. And I´ll need someone to rub the lotion on me...Don´t want to get a sun burn."

A picture of Buffy in skimpy bikinis with him rubbing the lotion on her flashed trough Spike´s mind, and suddenly a day at the beach sounded absolutely perfect..
"Very well, we give him enough information to make him bury himself in books, and have our day on a sunny beach. You ready?"

Buffy nodded, last bit of her pancakes still in her mouth. After drinking some water she stood up.
" Yup,lets go."
"You know, the Valley Girl in you is starting to show already. Yup with a pop? My ears are gonna bleed when you get back on that track fully."
"And your talk? You sound like Merrick, and he was a Watcher, and like, old."
"Nothing wrong with my English kitten. We´ll have to travel to England so some of that will rub on you too."

Thought of traveling to England, or what the hell, anywhere with Spike made her burst with joy. The places they will see, Europe, Australia, South America. There were no limits. The whole world was open in front of them.

"Maybe it will. I can´t wait to travel with you. But we will probably have to wait, it´s pretty expensive to travel to another continent. I know I don´t have that much money. Jobs I have been able to take have not been too good money wise. But in time we´ll be able to go where ever we want, right? I mean I can have a better job now."
"You can, but you don´t have to. Five years ago the Council after a long persuasion started to pay a salary to a Slayer. And a damn good one too. I haven´t used that money at all, since I like working at the library. So I can take you anywhere you want to go. It´ll be like a honeymoon. What do you say?"

*Spike, sex, honeymoon, beach, sun, ocean, drinks, some more sex...* Buffy´s mind jumped on that so fast that it shouldn´t have been possible. *And where would I find all those?*
"Hawaii. I know it´s really cliche, but I have always wanted to go there. And it has everything I want in a honeymoon. We can fly to England like next year. Is it OK with you? We don´t have to go to Hawaii if you don´t want to."
"I really don´t care where I am as long as it´s with you. Always with you."

They had been walking slowly towards Giles´ apartment, but now Buffy stopped to look at Spike in the eyes. He looked stunning in the bright sunlight, his bleached hair seemingly golden, shining blue eyes looking at her with tenderness and loyalty. He would never leave her. Never. To Buffy that was precious.

"Always. Never again alone, I thought that was something I would never have, and now here I am, with you. My mate. I have everything I want right here."

If there ever had been a perfect moment this was it to them. Just standing in a street corner looking at each other, traffic noise humming in their ears, sun bathing them in light. Together. Being like any other young couple while they knew they were anything but ordinary. No words needed to be said, they felt it all. They could go anywhere and still be at home, and that thought made their broken hearts become whole again.

Holding hands they walked rest of the way to Giles´ place, one word swimming in both of their minds. Love. They didn´t say it out loud yet, but it was building there. Soon there would be words to go with the feeling. Right now they had a Watcher to see.
Looking into Buffy´s eyes Spike took a calming breath and knocked.
The door opened and Spike suddenly found out that he didn´t have a soddin´ clue where to start, really.

"Hi Giles. Good to see you. This -- this is Buffy. We wanted to talk to you about -- something. I mean...Giles, how do you feel about destiny?"


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AU story with VampBuffy and Spike as a Slayer

Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, this is just my fiction, no profit made
Beta: [ profile] petzipellepingo , as always, I thank you!
Storyart: By [ profile] framedinlove , who has been a true friend

Chapter 7

"You’re quite remarkable, you know that? I mean how many guys would take this so well. I was sure you would tell me what a loony I was and at least tell me to get lost, if not stake me."
"If I was an ordinary guy then yeah, that´s how it would go. But I´m not am I? After three years of going up against all sorts of weird creatures, apocalypses and things like that you tend to be a lot more open to new things. And it takes a Slayer to know one. I mean, we are the only two people around to really know what it´s like. How lonely, dangerous and hard it is. So if I´ve been given somebody to share all that with, in good and bad, and even get some perks with that, I´m not gonna turn that down."

Buffy couldn´t stop smiling, his words just made her feel so happy. She wasn’t going be alone anymore, she would truly have someone. She couldn´t help leaning up and kissing Spike softly. It was nothing like their earlier heated kiss. It was softer and sweeter, but still as powerful. She thought it was like coming home.

Spike wound his hands in her hair as he deepened the kiss. Her hair was so soft and silky and had this faint aroma of some flower he didn´t recognize. It just flowed trough his fingers as his other hand came down on her shoulder to pull her just a bit closer to his body. He could feel the connection with Buffy again through their kiss. He thought it was like coming home.

After a while Buffy pulled back smiling, still feeling the heat coming from Spike on her face.
"That was the most sweetest and meaningful kiss I have ever had. As a human I always thought that love was a stupid thing, you know, weakening a person somehow, make them do stupid things. So I never let myself feel much of anything towards a guy. But with you I have this feeling that when I give something, I get something even better back. I don´t think it can be love yet, but it might just be that very, very soon. And God, I hope I didn´t scare you off with that."
"No, you didn´t. I have never loved anyone except my mom and dad. Like you, I´ve been afraid of giving something so big to anyone. But when I kiss you, or bloody well even look at you, I feel the proverbial IT. Connection. And yeah, it could be love soon, I believe."

Smiling widely Buffy relaxed and got back to business, they had to decide on few things before they could become mates.

"Before we do the mating thingy, there are few hard things we have to talk about. First, your Watcher and then the Council. They are gonna realize that you are immortal, and therefore being mated to me."
"Giles isn´t going to be a big problem. He is stuffy, but not stupid. If this helps me with slaying and keeps me alive longer, he is going to be OK, not right away, but eventually. But the Council will be trouble. Have you thought about this?"
"I have. They will find out who I am, and they are gonna try and take me out. And since you are mated with me, they will kill you too and have a new Slayer called. Unless we can make them see what we can do, how this will make their jobs easier. Not so many baddies in the world trying to end it. They have seers you know. If we go to them and have the seers confirm what we say, they would probably let us be. But going to them is a risk. In the worst case scenario we´ll have to fight our way out of there, and be on the run, well, for as long as they decide to accept things."

Spike had listened hard and thought hard while listening. Which would be the right thing to do? Going to them and risk getting caught or killed, or hiding?

"I think we should get things sussed out with Giles, and he could then help us to find the best way to break the news to the Council. You know, tell to those people that he trusts the most first. Work our way up to Travers. He´s the head-guy now. What do you think?"
"That you are definitely not just a pretty face Spike. That´s a really good plan." Buffy was very pleased that Spike was talking about their mating like it was a done deal. And the plan really was good, if they could make Giles see things their way.

"My plans usually aren’t the best, but this time I think it will work. I´ve known old Rupert for three years, and he has surprised me a few times. And besides, when we are mates, what can he do? He won´t sell me out to Travers, I´m sure. He cares about me too much to let them try and kill me. And, the fierce researcher in him will be itching to get your story documented. After I tell him who you are, he´ll be reaching for his pencil and notebook so fast you won´t believe it. He´ll come through Buffy, I know he will."

"If you say so, I believe you. That may solve our problems with the Council, and that´s good. I do believe I have some good news as well. It´s those perks you mentioned. You wanna know?"
"Do I ever! I believe something about sky being the limit mentioned?"
"Yes, you did. We will both be stronger, a lot stronger. Like the way I have both Slayer and vampire strength, my strength will be yours and yours mine, making you have like triple amount of strength, and me too. Sunlight or holy relics can´t harm me, and anything that can´t kill a vamp can´t kill you, like drowning or falling. Stakes will only kill me if they would kill a human as well. So things that can kill us will be beheading, severe burning or fatal stake through the heart. You will gain my vamp senses including the sensing of different demon species or how powerful a vampire is. Oh, and we will be fast too, like really fast. Combine vampire and Slayer speed and there isn´t anything living or unliving that can go as fast as us. That pretty much sums that up. Only one thing more, you wanna guess?"

"Wow, all that and there´s more? You tell me, I´m just gonna be the silent listening type a bit longer."
"It´s a personal thing. Mates can feel each other, even from the other side of the world we´ll be able to sense the other. Feelings, pictures, maybe even talk in our heads. We can share everything we want. The link can be closed partially or all together so we´ll have some privacy. But when we do share feelings, like while making love, it can be a pretty unbelievable experience, I´ve heard. I don´t know all the things that will happen, but we´ll figure them out, ´cause if there is one thing we do have, it´s time."

"I like the sound of that. I´ve been told that a Slayer has a short life span, but this will make sure that doesn´t apply on me. Thanks to you Buffy, I have a forever ahead of me. What do you say we make it happen?"
"I say that lead the way. We´ll need to get inside soon, it´s not long until sun rises. My place or yours, and I can´t believe I just said that! How cheesy can you get...But really, I have a room at a hotel, we can go there or to your place."
"We can go and get your stuff from the hotel, and then go to my place to make with the mating already." Spike couldn´t help but laugh at Buffy's eye roll as they started to walk to the gates of the cemetery.
"OK Mr.making-with-the-mating, stop laughing at me and hurry up, or you won´t have anybody to mate with as sun comes up. I bet I´m there faster than you..."
"Oh, you´re so on missy!"


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AU story with VampBuffy and Spike as a Slayer

Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, I just use them to write fiction, no profit made
Beta:Amazingly fast [ profile] petzipellepingo 
Storyart: By [ profile] framedinlove , I can´t believe how much you believe in me, you´re always on my mind!

Chapter 6

"I know your step dad was a nasty guy. He was violent, I believe."
"He was. When ever he was drunk he beat mum up, and me too if he found me. I tried to protect her, but I was only 13. I won´t go into details, but it was enough to make me want him dead, or sometimes maybe myself. When I was 15 I had built a really strong shell around me. I didn´t wanna be William anymore, he was weak. But Spike could take anything and not cry. I was in trouble at school, did some shoplifting, all kinds of stupid things. I hated him with everything I had, I still do. And one day he just disappeared. I started to believe that it was my fault, ´cause I wanted him dead, and then he was gone. I thought I somehow killed him."

"You didn´t."
"Yeah, I don´t think so that much anymore. But nobody knows what happened to him, so I still sometimes wonder if I..."
"You didn´t do anything. I did."

Spike’s head snapped up to look Buffy in the face, his eyes big and surprised.

"When that mage told me about you, he said that I couldn´t interfere in any matter. But like I said, I traveled to England so I could keep an eye on you every now and then. It had been two years since my last visit, and I realized what kind of guy he was. And one night your step dad was at a pub drinking and bragging to his buddies how he kept and I quote, *The missus and that whiny little brat in control*, and how he was going to -- kill you some day so you wouldn´t be in his way anymore. And I knew I shouldn´t stick my nose into your life, but the thought of him killing you was just too much."

Spike was breathing heavily, almost hyperventilating. Was Buffy really saying what he thought she was? What should he be feeling? *And I thought my life was complicated before? This is a whole new level of complicating.*

"So you -- killed him?"
"No. I´m sorry if you thought that. You see, I told you my sire was, well, mad. But I also told you she had a thrall. Few years after my turning I remembered that, and started to experiment. I found out I have quite a gift in that department. And that night in England, I went after him when he left the pub. I acted like I was hitting on him, and let me say that the word nauseating had a new meaning to me after that. But I got him in this alley, and...made him believe that he was a 5 year old girl. I believe they took him into a mental hospital next day."

Buffy was talking very quietly, and when she finished she didn´t look at Spike. She didn´t regret what she had done, but she was ashamed. She DID interfere, and she DID send that guy to a mental institution, probably for the rest of his life. Her thrall was very powerful after all. Spike would think that she was a bad person now. And she wasn´t even remotely finished with her story yet. *And I thought my unlife was complicated before. Maybe destiny and Buffy are not so mixy*

Spike didn´t know if he was glad that his step dad Mark was alive or not. He felt relieved ´cause what happened wasn´t his fault, and a part inside him even found the idea of Mark thralled into a 5 year old girl bloody hilarious. But what about Buffy, what she had done? Spike could see that she was ashamed, but should she be? She was a pretty powerful vampire who could have killed Mark like a fly. He was a threat to William, who apparently was her destiny, she had a good reason to kill him. But she didn´t. She found another way to keep him safe. And that made Spike appreciate her even more. She still evaluated human life this much as a vampire. Who would have believed? *Not Giles, not the Council, and until now, not me*

"Spike, talk to me. Do you want me to leave? I will if that´s what you want."
"No. I don´t want that, luv. What you did, you probably saved my life. You were protecting a human, a potential Slayer even. And you did it without killing. I can´t begin to tell you how -- and this is gonna sound weird -- proud I feel. I´m amazed that a vampire would act this way. Have you ever even killed a human?"
"No I haven´t. I´ve been tempted, not because of the blood-lust, but because I am a 18 year old girl going around at night, and there are a lot of creepy people around. And you can only take so much of dirty talking, groping and being mistaken as a free fuck toy. Believe me when I say that there has been broken noses, legs, wrists, pretty much broken everything over the years. No dead bodies though, I swear."

Spike was at awe. *She has been a vampire for 22 years, and has never killed a human, she has so much control over her demon. Feels like she doesn´t even have one, but I know it´s there* He wanted to ask about that from Buffy, but she still had to finish her story.
"I believe you, don´t worry. But you still have something to tell, right?"

"I do. So, back to where that Mark person went away. Your mom died next year, and you disappeared. I didn´t know what to do. I only knew that you would be called as a Slayer when you were 19. And there I went and stuck my nose in your life again, well, not much. I just tracked you down to LA. You had cut yourself totally from your life in England and went to school again. Nobody knew William ever existed. I saw you once in LA, outside your high school, reading a book. It wasn´t sunny so I risked it to see you just that one time. And let me say you look good in daylight."

"Why didn´t you come to me then? What were you waiting for?"

"You were so young, not yet a Slayer even. If I had told you any of this then you would have thought that I was a basket case. I needed to wait until you had experience, until you could deal with this whole thing. Until you would possibly be ready with me. Believe me and trust me. And now I can see that you are this amazing, strong person who can truly think for him self. The mage told that it´s nearly impossible for a turned Slayer to find a true mate, ´cause of the soul and all. But since our lives had been linked from the beginning, my destiny would be to find you. Find my true mate. And together we would be something so powerful, so potent, that the sky would be our limit."

Spike was mesmerized. There was this fire in Buffy's eyes, small flickers of gold laced with green. He didn´t even think of doubting what she told him. If there ever had been something he truly believed this was it. He had always been proud of his instincts, and right now they were saying that this girl was his, and he was hers. He knew what a mate was to a vampire, and had always kind of envied that kind of connection. And here she was, ready to give him just that. He didn´t know what they would be together, but when Buffy said the sky would be their limit, it made him want this even more.

"You know, I have never truly belonged to anyone. Never felt this deep connection. But with you, it really feels like something has clicked into place. My soul calls to you, and not just that, my mind too, and obviously my body as well." And Spike couldn´t keep the smirk out of his face when he saw the same want and need in Buffy's eyes.

"I have nothing against your mind, body or soul calling to me, mine do the same. And if, or when we merge those, some things will happen. Most dramatic one being that you´ll become immortal, like me. So this is a forever kind of deal. You need to know for sure if you want it Spike."

He had kind of guessed that it would be forever. Did it bother him? Not really. They could do so much together. Keep on slaying, travel, learn new things, meet new people, and just be with each other. He knew there were endless possibilities what his life with Buffy could include. So there was only one way he could answer.

"I want it, want you. The whole thing. I don´t know the details, but we´ll work them out. Tell me Buffy, how, and when?"


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 AU story with VampBuffy and Spike as a Slayer

Rating:PG-13 I think
Warnings:Adult language, a bit
Disclaimer: They are not mine, I just borrow them, and no profit made
Beta: [ profile] petzipellepingo , BIG thanks for a quick betaing!
Storyart: [ profile] framedinlove , you make my fic look a lot better :)

Chapter 5

Spike´s world had shrunk to the space where they stood, nothing outside existed. An apocalypse could be unraveling around them and he wouldn´t notice. All he could feel were Buffy's lips against his and her tongue dancing with his own. Her lips and tongue were not cold, just soothingly cool and the sensations they created in him were like nothing he had ever known. Spike felt like his blood was heating up more and more each minute. He was shamelessly grinding against Buffy's body and trying desperately to breathe through his nose so he wouldn´t have to break the kiss. He didn´t wanna stop ever if it was up to him, well, unless it would be to shag this girl silly.

Buffy's brain was going around in a similar track. Spike´s lips and tongue were so hot she was afraid of bursting into flames. She could feel his cock grinding against her and the mere thought of having it inside her was making her breathless, and that´s saying a lot, ´cause she didn´t have to breathe in the first place. Spike was doing a damn good job in the not-breaking-the-kiss-to-breathe- department, and she could really appreciate it ´cause stopping for anything but ripping of clothes and fucking right there and then was not a thing she wanted to do. So she hung on and gave as good as she got.

At some point Spike´s brain started to register something annoying...*What is that?* And after concentrating for a while he frowned when the sound of his cell phone reached his ears. And with a massive effort he pulled back ending the kiss and resting his forehead against Buffy's.

"Why stopping? No stopping, stopping bad," Buffy said pouting and frowning at the same time.
"It´s my cell, again. It´s probably Giles asking how things went. I better talk with him before he sends a search party after me. And if that´s not the cutest little pout in this dimension I´m not a Slayer...I´m sorry Buffy, it won´t take long." And with that Spike lowered her to stand on her shaky feet and fished his phone out of his pocket.

"Hi Giles. -- Yeah, there was this David guy, a wanna-be-master-of-Sunnydale kind of bloke and ´bout twenty minions. They were having a sort of pep-rally thing. – Yes, they are all dust. -- How? You know the drill, pointy wooden thing trough the heart and poof! -- Well, if you must know, I had some help. But I´m not gonna talk about that now. -- No, I´m not! You just have to trust me. I know what I´m doing, and no, I´m not putting anyone in danger. Giles, I´ll talk to you tomorrow, now I have something to do. Bye."

"Wanna sit for awhile? There´s a bench over there," Spike asked since Buffy's legs still looked a bit wobbly.
"Yeah, that sounds good. You know, you´re the first guy that´s ever made my knees go week. Actually a bit more than my knees...I kind of feel weak all over, but at the same time I have this amazing energy flowing inside me. Like -- like I´m alive again."

Buffy's words were both shy and exited, and she looked at Spike as to find out if he was feeling the same.
And as they sat on the bench Spike took her hand in his and stroked it slowly with his thumb.

"I know, Buffy. If you feel alive, I feel like I died but was brought back even better than before. I feel like I belong to you, strange huh?"
"No. Not strange to me. I do belong to you, I have no doubt what so ever. And I think you could belong to me. But first I need to tell you things, big things. Will you listen?"
"I can do that. Please tell me about this destiny deal. I need to know."

Buffy closed her eyes for awhile and tried to calm down the best she could. Then she locked eyes with Spike and started to tell her story.

"First two years as a vampire were terrible for me. I didn´t have anybody. I couldn´t be with other vamps for obvious reasons, and I avoided people as well, mostly ´cause I didn´t believe they would understand, and I didn´t wanna start lying to them about what I was. I stayed in this abandoned house just outside LA, and I paid for my blood and clothes by working in this small dirty bar where the owner didn´t ask questions. After those two years I was at the end of my road. I was just about ready to walk out into the sun and end my misery."

Buffy suddenly looked away from Spike, she tried hard to keep tears from coming. Only thing keeping them at bay was Spike´s hand that still held hers. It was something solid to hold on to, reminding her where she was and with whom. So she just took a deep breath and continued.

"The night that I had decided would be my last, I overheard these two women talking in the bar. One of them was telling about this mage that could tell if a person had some sort of destiny awaiting. I really didn´t believe that, but asked her anyway where I could find him. I figured if that didn´t work, I would walk to watch the sun rise. It was a bit difficult finding the guy, but I did find him. And I didn´t even get the change to introduce myself before he said, ´I have been waiting for you, Buffy Summers`, and I almost tripped over, I was so surprised."

"Hey, who wouldn´t be luv? What was he? Human or not-so-human?"

"I wondered that too. And he was totally human. But I could feel the power he had, and there was a lot of it. I was afraid of course, but I also had this little bit of hope that I might not have know. We sat down, and he told me what he knew. And now I´m gonna tell you."

Spike had the feeling that this was gonna be big. But he also saw the serious look on Buffy's face and the sincerity in her eyes, and realized that what ever this destiny thing would be, they really were in it together. With that he reached out and took Buffy's other hand also in his, and looked at her, blue eyes serious and trusting.

"I can take it Buffy. At least I think I can. And I´m truly happy that this thing kept you from greeting that sun. Please tell me."

"The most important part of it, I think, was also the first thing he said. A date. Spike -- I died on March 12th 1980."
"But that´s when..."
"You were born. I know. It apparently is a once in a millennium kind of thing for a Slayer to die at the exactly same moment a new potential is born. And even more rare if the one dying is a girl and the one being born is a boy. He told me about you. Just your name, and that you were in England. And that I should never interfere in your life, or even look for you. But...I did look for you. I traveled to England when you were 5 and almost every year after that. I was there when your dad died, you were 12. And I know how hard it was to your mom, and then next year she married that guy."

"Don´t. Please don’t. I can´t talk about that, can´t." There was some serious panic in Spike´s voice as he pleaded with Buffy, eyes big and scared.
"Spike, I don´t want to hurt you. But you need to hear me out, and also talk to me. Please trust me, please let me in. We need each other."

Buffy knew she was begging but didn´t care. If this thing between them was gonna work, Spike needed to let go of the past. He needed to trust her enough to let her in his life. She hoped he was now ready to do that

Spike hadn´t thought that Buffy was gonna bring this out. It was something he had buried deep inside him long time ago. But Buffy was right. He did need someone, and he had a feeling it was her. Maybe he could do this.
And with a huge effort which he didn´t know he had in him Spike said,
"Okay. Maybe I do need to hear it. You know there isn´t a person alive who knows about my past. Not even Giles, not even the Council, I believe. And I do trust you. I did so with my life in the fight, so I do now too. Go on."


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AU fic with VampBuffy and Spike as a Slayer
Warnings: None in this chap I think
Beta: [ profile] petzipellepingo , Thank You!
Storyart: [ profile] framedinlove , who gives me courage to keep on writing :)
Disclaimer: Buffy, Spike and the whole verse belongs to Joss and Co. I just shamelessly use them in my fic, no profit made here, really!

AN: I´m not experienced enough to write a detailed fight scene yet, so please, don´t be disappointed ´cause that!

Chapter 4

"How are we gonna play this out? Do you have a plan", Spike asked and wondered how easily he accepted Buffy’s help, and even her lead. *Maybe it´s ´cause she´s more experienced than me? Or I just can´t wait to see her in action?*

"Well, the most important part is taking the head guy out, others will be easy after that. I think I can do it pretty easily if you agree. I‘m a vamp you know, I can get near him fast. He won´t know what hit him. Is that OK with you?"

Spike had nothing against that plan. Buffy had sensed about twenty vamps, and that was too much for him alone.
"That sounds clever. I´ll wait ´till he’s gone and then we take the others out. We´re near, I can sense them too now."

They walked silently rest of the way to the cemetery and took a good look around.

"You wait behind those trees, and once the master´s dust I declare a contest."
"What contest?"
"Well who dusts more vamps of course! I can´t wait to see you in a real fight. Bet it´ll be hot."
"Oh it will be, luv. But what do I get if I win?"
"What do you want?"

Oh there were many things Spike wanted, but first things first.
"Answers. I need to know what you were talking about."
"You´ll get that anyway. As soon as those guys are dust in the wind. Pick something else."
"Okay, a kiss. A proper one." That was actually a very good idea when he thought about it.
"Deal. And if I win, you...well, you buy me chocolate."
"Chocolate? Are you serious? You can´t think anything more...exiting?"
"Oh, I can. But you aren´t ready for that kind of excitement -- yet. So, deal?"
"Deal. Now go on and get rid of that ugly bugger of a master."
"He is kind of ugly. I mean that hair alone is so 70´s, and those clothes..."
"Buffy! Forget the clothes luv. Dusting, remember?"
"Right, sorry. Going now."

Spike found a good place to observe what was happening in the cemetery. The master was standing on a tombstone and apparently giving some sort of pep talk to the others. Spike couldn´t hear what he was saying, but the whole group seemed to be fascinated. And then he saw Buffy making her way slowly towards the group.

Buffy put a sultry smile on her lips and brought her demon forward letting her face change. She knew how to get a reaction from any male, and these guys didn´t make an exception. So she strolled trough the minions by just pushing them away, and ignored any objections that rose. In few moments she was standing in front of the master. She put her hands on her hips and anyone who could see her could tell she was no pushover. She had power and others could sense it.

The master of the group looked at her with an interested smile. This was a strong, beautiful vampire who would fit beside him nicely, nicely indeed.
"And who might you be? Come to join me have you?"
"That was the plan. Heard you came into town and wanted to check out if you are all that they say you are."
"Oh I am and then some. I wouldn´t say no to a pretty thing like you with us - with me. I´m David, you?"
"Anne. Now let me see up close how much of a master you are. You do look strong, I like it in my men", Buffy said jumping on the tombstone and looking David over and smiling approvingly.

"Do you now? I have a feeling that I like everything about you. I mean, what is there not to like?"
"Well", Buffy said inching her stake out of the waistband of her jeans.
"There might be this one dusting your sorry ass!" And with superhuman speed her stake found it´s mark and David was dust.
A deafening silence followed before Spike shouted "Game on!" And all hell broke loose.

They both had been right when they stated that it would be thrilling to fight together. It was one thing to be a Slayer and fight against demons, and entirely different thing to fight against them with someone who was as strong as you, and guarded your back the whole time. They were a swirl of motion spinning, kicking, punching and staking, all while snapping comments to vampires-to-be-dusted and shouting increasing numbers to each other.

Last four vampires started to retreat towards the exit of the cemetery, and Buffy turned her head to look at Spike and said,
"Can you do two at a time? I know I can."
"Yeah, but can you do them from a distance?"
"You think I can´t? Watch and learn."
And with that Buffy pulled another stake from her sleeve and threw them spinning towards two of the vamps. They didn´t get the chance to run before both stakes reached their hearts. And Buffy didn´t have time to gloat before Spike had thrown his stakes and they hit the backs of the last two.

Suddenly it was quiet, only their panting breaths heard in the dark graveyard. Slowly they turned to look each other, grinning madly. Neither was injured, only few cuts and bruises, and some torn clothes. Oh, there would be sore muscles tomorrow, but neither cared now. They were buzzing with excitement and feeling elated after a good fight, this time shared with someone.

"So Buffy, how many?"
"9 I believe."
"So then you know I won, I counted 10."
"Yes yes, you won. Too bad that David guy didn´t count," Buffy said rolling her eyes to Spike’s excited face. She actually tried not to show her glee, she was glad Spike won, a good kiss would feel pretty good right about now.
"Well, can I collect my winnings now? Or later?" Spike couldn´t wait to kiss her, but wanted Buffy to feel comfortable when he did so.

Buffy didn´t answer, she just kind of leaped on Spike winding her hands around his neck and her legs around his waist. He just as quickly wrapped one hand around her lower back, another under her bum and crushed their mouths together.

And like a good cliche, the world stood still around them.


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Chapter 3
AU story with VampBuffy and Spike as a Slayer
Genre: Romance
Warnings: none
Summary: Next evening, some talking until...
Disclaimer: They all belong to Joss, I know. Just using them in my fiction, no profit made
Beta: [ profile] petzipellepingo , thanks!
Storyart made by [ profile] framedinlove , Anni I adore you!

The day had been long for the both of them.

Spike still had so many questions, so much he wanted to know and understand. He realized he already missed Buffy, which was bloody ridiculous. He had known her less than 24 hours and yet he managed to long for her company more than any other woman he had ever known. It was ridiculous but it really didn´t bother him that much. He kept looking at the clock every five minutes and drove his boss at the library absolutely mad. When he had eaten and taken a shower at home it was still only 7:15, but he couldn´t wait a second longer, so he grabbed his duster and headed to the coffee-shop.

Buffy had had trouble sleeping. Normally she kept vampire hours, and it should have been her favorite sleeping time when she had reached her hotel room early that morning - but no. She kept thinking about the encounter with Spike over and over again, and blamed herself more and more every time for biting Spike. That wasn´t planned at all, but when she was sitting there, so close to him, knowing who and what he was, she hadn´t been able to stop herself. It had felt so good, so right. And she couldn´t make it un-happen. But Spike didn´t go all stake happy on her afterwards, so maybe it would be ok. When she realized she couldn´t do anything about the situation now, she finally managed to drift into restless sleep for few hours. And when she looked at the clock next time it was 7:30. *Time to go and see him, and please girl, keep it together!*

When Buffy arrived Spike was already sitting at the same table they had last night and drinking coffee. He glanced at her and smiled. Buffy smiled back, went and ordered herself a coffee and a chocolate muffin, and came to the table.

"Hi luv, you look a bit tired. Trouble sleeping", Spike asked and mentally kicked himself right after for saying she looked tired. *Yeah, girls just love it when you insult their looks, you git!*

"Well, I´m a vampire trying not to get dusted by a Slayer while telling him this really odd story, which may influence both our futures majorly, so yeah, I did have a lot of trouble sleeping. And what about you? I didn´t scare you last night did I? I really didn´t mean to bite you it just happened ‘cause I was finally with you and I was so happy to see you and..." Buffy would probably kept babbling for God knows how long if Spike hadn´t stopped her.
"Breathe, just breathe. Oh, sorry, you don´t...Silly me. Just relax. I´m not mad at you. I have a lot of questions, but I´m not mad."

The waitress brought Buffy her coffee and muffin, and she drank few mouthfuls just to calm her nerves. *How on earth am I gonna make anything happen if I can´t stop acting like a nervous wreck? Which I actually am, oh God...*

"You like muffins? I thought vampires didn´t eat human food", Spike asked. *Have I missed some important lesson from Giles, again?*
"Well, they usually don´t, but I haven´t lost my ability to taste food that much, and chocolate, that´s just yummy. I need the blood to survive, but food is just for the girl in me."
"I see. I need to introduce you to the spicy buffalo wings they serve at the Bronze, I mean they are to die for. Figuratively speaking of course", Spike said smiling at Buffy, who smiled back and took a bite out of the muffin, then took a piece of it and fed it to Spike.

Spike opened his mouth and took the bite sucking Buffy’s fingers shortly into his mouth. A small electric shock zapped him and gave him a pleasant feeling that had nothing to do with eating and a lot to do with the sly little smile Buffy had on her lips. *So you feel it too, do you now*, he thought and gave her a small grin returning to topic after that.

"You said you are alone most of the time, why is that?"
"Like I said, all my friends and even my mother thought that I died in 1980, and I never spoke to them again. I kept an eye on my mom, but always from afar, and she died three years ago. I don´t have too many friends since it is a bit hard to explain the sunlight allergy, and other vampires...lets just say that they are not on the saving-people- side like I am. So you see, it´s easiest to just be And now I´m rambling again, stopping now."
"I don´t mind you rambling, it´s actually bloody adorable. Could listen to you all night I could."

Buffy would have blushed if she could, but now she just lowered her eyes and smiled a cute smile while twirling a lock of her hair around her finger, and looked even more adorable in Spike’s eyes. He kept forgetting that this was a vampire he was admiring, in his mind she was more a Slayer than a vampire. She was a good guy...well not a guy, a girl, definitely a girl.

"I said yesterday that you must be lonely, and I still wonder how you go on."
"And I said I have a purpose, a destiny if you wanna call it that. And it involves you Spike."
"Your destiny involves me? Are you pulling my leg?"

"No, I wouldn´t do that. You are perhaps my only chance for having a happy unlife. You ARE my destiny, William. You."

Spike saw the serious look in Buffy’s green eyes and his head was spinning again.
"How? How am I your destiny? And who told you this? And when? And if it´s true why don´t I know anything about this?"

Before Buffy could answer Spike’s cellphone rang. He tried to ignore it, but after "I wanna be sedated" played for awhile Buffy told him to answer it.

"Yeah, what is it? I really don´t have the time now Giles. -- What? Where? Are you sure? -- OK, I´ll go. Bye."
"That your Watcher?"
"Yes, and as much as I hate it, I must go. There is apparently this odd vampire gathering going on in one of the cemeteries."

Buffy opened up her vampire senses fully and could indeed feel one quite powerful vampire and many others.
"There is a fairly strong master vampire here, I can feel it. And the others are probably his minions. How did your Watcher know this?"

"We have few spies around town just so we know if there is something odd going on. There hasn´t been a real master vampire in Sunnydale for a long time, and it´s just my luck one decided to take over the town on THIS night. I´m so not in the mood for this, but I´ve got to go and see what I can do, I´m sorry to bail on you like this."

"Oh, you´re not going to leave me here mister! You think I´ll miss all the fun do you? I mean, taking down a master and others equals fun in my books. And you can use the help."
"You think I can´t beat them on my own? Hello, Slayer here, killed numerous vamps and demons all by myself."
Spike wasn´t really that offended since Buffy´s tone had been teasing, not mocking, but he had to defend himself and his abilities, thank you.

"You probably could, but it´s going to be so much more fun together. I promise you, you won´t regret fighting alongside me. You know I´m good, I´ll got your back."

Spike had no objections, he knew how strong Buffy was, and he already could feel the thrill of a good fight coursing through his body. This was gonna be fun, he knew it.
And with that thought he grabbed Buffys hand and started to pull her out of the coffee shop and towards the cemetery in question.

"You got my back, and I´ve got yours. Can´t wait to fight with another Slayer, between me and you Buffy, they´ve got no chance at all. Come on, this way."

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AU story with VampBuffy and Spike as a Slayer
Warnings:In this chapter none
Disclaimer: I don´t own Buffy, Spike or other characters created by Joss, I just use them in my story, and I don´t get any money from this
Beta: [ profile] petzipellepingo as usual, thanks!
Storyart: by [ profile] framedinlove , love you!

*How long can two people sitting at the same table facing each other keep quiet? I mean this is getting really ridiculous! And why in hell can´t I stop talking to myself ? This is bad, I am starting to feel incredibly stupid*, Spike thought.

And Buffy wasn´t helping him. She seemed to be just as lost for words as he was. Finally Spike couldn´t take it anymore and blurted out the main question in his head.

"Who are you? I mean, I know you´re a vampire, but you´re not like the others. I thought for sure I was a goner when I felt you bite me, but I’m still here. Why?" He was puzzled and hoped Buffy could answer his questions. He didn´t like it when things went totally out of his control, and a powerful vampire who acted very strangely was one of those things.

Buffy took a sip of her coffee and thought for a moment where to begin. She couldn´t tell everything at once, there was too much Spike needed to know. Plus it was 2 am, so Spike was probably tired as well. And a tired Slayer is a cranky Slayer, that she knew. There was also the question of trust. Would he believe all she had to tell? She just had to trust him to at least listen to what she told, and she would deal with what came next.

"My whole name is Buffy Anne Summers, and I was born in 1962. I was called as a Slayer 16 years, wait! Let me finish, please", she said when Spike was about to interrupt her with a bunch of questions.

"I lived in LA, and had a watcher named Merrick. At that time the Council still had this charming little tradition called the Crusiamentum. You know about it?"
"Yeah, Giles, my watcher told me about it, and that they stopped it in 1990´s."
"Well, my watcher didn´t want me to go through with it, told that to them and they simply had him killed, as I learned later."

At this point Buffy had tears in her eyes, and she stopped for awhile to wipe them and drink some more coffee.
Spike’s heart ached both for her loss and the pang in his soul when she said it was the Council who killed her watcher whether he believed it or not, but he couldn´t find the words to say something, and before his brain kicked in again Buffy continued her story.

"While I was still mourning him they sent me a new watcher, this Wesley-guy, and he went on with the whole power-stealing-gig. He just told me I had some virus which would go away with some rest. They locked me in with this crazy as hell vampire who danced and talked to the stars or something, and before I knew it she had me thralled. I just couldn´t help it, I had to look into her eyes."

"So she had a Slayer in a thrall, and she didn´t kill you? She really must have been crazy, I mean I wish you didn´t die, just that it´s really strange. Was she the one who turned you?"
"Yes. When I rose, I didn´t at first realize I wasn´t with the living anymore. Then she started to talk about me as her baby, and how Mummy was gonna teach me how to make beautiful evil. That´s when it dawned on to me what had happened. As a vampire, I´m ashamed to say that I staked her right after that, and it hurt like hell when I did. And there I was, a turned Slayer, my soul very much in place, no desire to go and kill people. I couldn´t tell anyone, Council would have had me killed, my mother wasn´t going to understand anymore than my few friends would. I had no one. I went to get blood from butchers, and started my unlife alone. I think that pretty much covers who I am, at-least the Slayer/Vampire-part of it. Satisfied?"

Spike was far from satisfied, he had a million questions swimming in his head, which was starting to hurt. But he could see this was taking a lot out of Buffy mentally. But something made perfect sense now.
"That´s why you are so strong, you have both Slayer- and vampire-strength"
"Yes. I think that´s why I´m still here. There has been a lot of trouble over the years, believe me."

Spike was again rendered speechless. This was a lot to take in at once. But he believed her, no one could come up with that kind of story just to trick him.
"I do believe you Buffy. These years must have been very lonely to you, how have you been able to go on?"
"I have had a purpose. And that has brought me to you."

"Me as a Slayer, or me as a person?" He didn´t know which he hoped for. The man in him was attracted, and the Slayer in him was curious.
"Both actually, would you believe. But it´s getting really late. You must be tired. Can we continue this tonight? There is still so much I need to tell you."
"Sure, luv. Have you got a place to stay? You could come to my place."
"No, I have a place where I can get some much needed sleep. Should we meet here at 8pm?"

"OK, I must say that I´m intrigued. This is such a bizarre story, and I need to know how I fit in the picture. So, goodnight, well day, but who cares."
"Spike, just one more thing. Could you not tell anybody about me? Most importantly your Watcher. I´m thinking he won´t be as OK with this as you seem to be."

Spike needed to consider this. He usually kept his Watcher well in the picture. But would Giles call the Council about Buffy? Oh yes he would, that much Spike knew. And he couldn´t let that happen. Even if Buffy was a vampire now, she was also a Slayer. She had her soul, and she didn´t kill. There was also this mysterious connection between them that Spike at this point couldn´t explain, and he needed Buffy to explain it. So there really wasn´t more than one option he was comfortable with.

"No, I won´t tell anybody. You have my word as a Slayer, and as a very confused guy", he said with a small smile.
"Thank you. You are one special man William. I’ll meet you here at 8."
And with that she was gone, leaving a puzzled Spike behind.


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