Jun. 20th, 2013 04:33 pm
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For Laura ( [ profile] obvmluver ), job well done! So happy for you :)
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Another wonderful time with [ profile] obvmluver , this time whole four days!!! Thank you so much for your company :) We had fun, we talked, laughed, shopped and even visited a museum. Saving that guy with the "boat" was the high point of the whole museum :D
I'm already waiting for your visit here... Thank god for IM:ing, 'cause otherwise I would miss you way too much. Well...I miss you anyway :)

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Thank you all for simply existing. I honestly don't know how I would survive without the friends here, even if I haven't met the most of you :)
Hugs to you all, and have a wonderful day!

Obviously I slipped some Guitar Hero into this... :D
That's Midori, I usually play as her:
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Copy and Paste if you have enjoyed the blessing of meeting people online that you never would have met any other way.

This is my end of the year shout out to the many "friends" I have never been in the same room with but who have inspired, amused, comforted, encouraged, and touched me in so many ways. I love you people!
Here's to another year together!!


Oct. 15th, 2010 03:24 am
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I had this need to make a post, even if I don't have anything absolutely important to say... Well, I'm doing it anyway :)
My parents were here to celebrate their 38th wedding anniversary. Thirty-eight! That's a LOT... My brother is coming here today, and my sister and her family next week, and I'm thrilled to see them all *loves*

My kids have been busy with school. A lot of tests and homework. They've been doing well, though. I'm really proud of them.
This is the school my son goes to. It's a small school, nearest one to us, and he only has seventeen kids in his class, which is excellent, because now the teacher can give more attention to every kid.

I don't have a picture of the school my daughter goes to... I did find this pic from the net though. This is the biggest sports field in our town, and the building on the bottom left corner is the school.

Hm... I've been developing a real hate for Twilight... I'm not hating anyone who likes it or try to convert them, but I really dislike the book series for many reasons. And since I'm a Buffy fan, and my view on vampires is mostly based on that (and a lot of vampire movies), I find the sparkling ones sort of insulting... Well, that's just my opinion, but I've lately talked with a couple of people about this, and my opinion is pretty strong. I apologize if this hurts someone's feelings, that isn't my intention.

And finally, I want to make [ profile] obvmluver  smile, since she's had a tough week at school, so...this is a way to do it :)

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A great big thank you for [ profile] obvmluver for spending the weekend with me! It was so much fun... And I'm already waiting for the next time we see :)

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This is the reason for my HUGE squee!!

The quality of the pic is horrible. It has been taken with my cellphone in a rather bad lighting, but I couldn't find the connecting cable to my camera, so this'll have to do for now. I'll take a better one when it's framed and on the wall.

Anyway, it's made by [ profile] dontgetanyolder , and she used a manip made by[ profile] framedinlove as a reference. The manip is probably my favorite one ever, and I'm really excited that I now have a piece of art that I can hang on my wall :)

Thank you, both Tiffany and Anni! I really love this.
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"If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal."

There are quite a few. Some of them have become very important to me in different ways. Two of them I've met in RL too, after meeting in virtual one, and I love them both dearly.

Here's some candy for my wonderful F-list :)

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To Sotia and Andrei, extremely happy wedding day! I'm so sorry I couldn't be there, but I've been thinking you a lot today. I hope everything has gone well and it has been everything you wished and worked for :)

This song has always brought weddings to my mind, because of the words. With this, once more: HAPPY, JOYFUL, WEDDING DAY SOTIA AND ANDREI!!!

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I really had a great weekend, one that I would've wanted to go on... So, I met [ profile] obvmluver  at the town she lives in. We did sightseeing, (I've never been there before) ate out, so no trouble from cooking :) did some shopping, which is always good and watched all three LotR movies, the longer versions. And...(this is silly, I know) we continued role playing by IM:n. Sitting on the same couch. Yes, crazy. Also, FUN :)
I need to go back there soon... *pout*
Thank you for the company Laura, I had a really good time *hugs*

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I had the absolute pleasure of having[ profile] framedinlove over for a visit! Thank you so much for that Anni :)
And I'm eagerly waiting to see how that new...thingy unravels ;)
Have a nice summer, and we'll meet again, hopefully soon.

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This pic tells the reason why  :) I'm glad for you, truly!

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I'm hoping I get to see framedinlove this week. If she feels well enough, I'm driving to her place no matter how down I have been feeling. We can cheer each other up :)

I know we both have been trough tough times lately, so the visit would probably be really good for both of us.

I altered a screencap slightly, just changing the colors a bit and adding my own line to it. So this is for you Anni, just a small reminder of what we both love, Spuffy :)

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My dear friend [ profile] obvmluver will start studying to become a nurse, like she wanted!!!
I'm so complitely happy for her that I was laughing and making a small happy dance, which made Saara ask if I had gone bonkers...

You did it, you really did :)

I found this pic ages ago somewhere, and I really tried to find the person who did the manipping, but couldn't. So I hope that person doesn't mind me using this.
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I have overcome so many fears and insecurities during last 10 months that it´s hard to believe. Some of them are really private, and some aren´t. I think the biggest step for me was posting my first fic. I had never before believed I could write, and more than that, write in English. But I did, and it has brought so much substance in my life.

Writing Spuffy came in the end pretty easily, but writing in my other fandom (which some of you know) was a much bigger step. But I had a friend who made me believe in myself and my writing. I have thanked [profile] obvmluverfor that many times. So that was another fear I pushed away.

And now she has lured me into Role Playing by messenger :) Laura really has a way to turn my head, make me forget all the reasons why not, and just let go. And boy is it fun! I could never have believed how much fun it could be to take a character/person and start thinking that persons thoughts. Make them do what you wish, create problems, funny moments, love, all there is. I´m simply loving it. Half the time I´m laughing so hard that my husband may pretty soon send me to a loony bin, and there are moments I actually have tears in my eyes. I don´t know how far we will take it, but that´s the beauty of it, we decide what, when and how.

I´m sure there are many things more for me to face and overcome, but opening up like I´ve done all these months, it´s liberating and fun. I hope I never forget that.
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I have finally made some progress in building Saaras confidence about her art. She agreed to put few drawings on the net, probably DeviantArt, and I said I´ll put one of them here as well. So, here is a Fox Saara drew last year.  (We´re not sure if it´s a character of some sort, since she took direction from a pic we found. )

She has a lot to learn, but I think the talent is there. So I intend to help her get better, since it´s something she wants too. It´s funny how Saara and Santeri are so totally different when it comes to talent ; Saara can draw, but not sing, she´s not so good with english, but is very good in maths and physics and such. Santeri can´t draw well, but can sing and play guitar, is brilliant in english, but not so in finnish... They don´t even look like each-other one bit. And the list goes on...
They just are..different =) As we all are. And that´s the fun.

And then I must say BIG thanks to [ profile] framedinlove , Anni you made me an icon out of one of my favorite Spuffy-manips EVER!  *claps hands in delight*  You´re a wonderful friend, and a big help with you-know-what =) Thanks for that too.

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Ooh! Anni, [ profile] framedinlove  gave me a "You make my day"-award! I´m so thrilled, and I thanked her already in her LJ, only in finnish =)
Problem is, I´m so new in LJ, that I don´t know too many people. And I should give it to 10 people...
Well, I´ll give it to SOME people, I´ll try.

First, and this is given, [ profile] obvmluver , Laura, you know why you get this. You´re my first real LJ-friend, and have helped me a lot. *lämpimiä ajatuksia pakkasen keskelle*

I would have given this to Sotia, [ profile] ssddgr , but Anni already did that, but I have to give it to her too, after all, she has been a true friend, and next month I´m getting that tattoo you designed =)

Last, I want to give this to a group, I don´t know of how many, bipolarsurvival. I don´t always write so much, just comment, but reading other peoples ways of surviving gives me a lot. It shows that even if bipolar is sometimes a hell, you can get by. And even be happy from time to time. So all of you there, you don´t know this, but you make my day =)

That´s it, I hope it´s good enough?


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