Dec. 17th, 2008 04:08 pm
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It was nice finding a Finnish "girl" here by accident. So this is for you Laura! I found her drawings on a fan art-page, and now I´m a fan. You make so beautiful art. My daughter, who is 12, looked at your work too, and likes it a lot. She is just starting to make shadings and other stuff to her art, and I can say that she really is talented, and this isn´t just the proud mother in me talking. When I get a new scanner I will put some of her work here. My daughter Saara also draws anime characters sometimes.

We are planning our holiday at our cabin now. We are going to stay there from the January 1st to the January 6th, with my sister and her family, and my brother with his new girlfriend, who I haven´t seen yet since they live 340 km from us =( sadly. But now we´ll see her (Maija is her name).

So, my sister Jenni has a husband Heikki, and they have a son Eetu 5, and a daughter Anni 2. I love them to pieces, they are really important to me. Jenni is just three years younger than me, so we have always been very close. She is my best friend and vice versa. They also live where my brother Pekka does, so we don´t see very often, but we talk often by phone or Skype.

There is a lot of planning when there is 10 people to feed for 6 days, so many phone-conferences will be held, I´m sure. But we all are thrilled to see eachother and spend some time together! So, today there is no depressing mood, and I´m pretty giddy!


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