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I finished the socks for [ profile] ranmaru_fics and will post them hopefully today. They are very green, as she wanted, for St. Patrick's Day. I really wasn't able to get the true green to show in the picture, no matter where I tried, so the colour is a bit more brighter than in the pic. I hope you like them :)


And I also knitted a new slouchy for myself. I absolutely LOVE the yarn. It's called Folksong Chunky, and the colours are like made for me. Teddy was my model today, because taking selfies of a slouchy really is... almost impossible, and the kids aren't at home at the moment. So here's Teddy:


Happy February to everyone, since it's almost here :)
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And the winner of the sock-giveaway is... [ profile] ranmaru_fics !
Congrats to you :)
Send me a private message about your desired color scheme, shoe size and other possible details.

Better luck next time to everyone else. Yes, there will be a next time ;)

(Ja Laura, sulle voin ne mustat sukat tehdä ihan muutenkin vaan. Mikä se kengän koko oli?)
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Yeah, I've been busy with the knitting needles again. Mostly knitting socks for myself :D




And because I had leftover yarn from the green socks, I made a baby hat. I thought it would be unisex, since green is... a unisex color? But the lace of course turned it into a totally girly hat. Now, one of my friends is pregnant, and my sister-in-law is pregnant, so one of them is BOUND to have a girl, right? If not, I can just donate it somewhere, I guess.


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Hey, you all :) It's spring, which is sort of nice, although I don't enjoy the waking of the bugs at all... Or all the dust in the air. But still not complaining.
Saara wanted a spring/summer hat thingy, and this is what I made. Also, she now has pink hair :D


She also wanted thin socks, and I found a fairly difficult pattern. They look a bit funky, because she pulled them over the jeggings, but you get the general idea anyway, I think.


And as a nice ending, this is a gingerbread tree Saara made. Doesn't look Christmassy at all, when you use these colours. I love it, and I wish I could eat it, but it's a price for a raffle...



Mar. 10th, 2013 04:17 pm
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Felted mittens. I love the colour of the yarn. I added the ribbons, because the mittens turned out a tad bit too wide, although I had knitted and felted a swatch. Well, I think I like them better this way :)



Dec. 1st, 2012 10:16 pm
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I was asked to post a pattern for the beret I knitted. I made a quick translation of it from Finnish to English, and I can't promise there are no mistakes. But anyone who has knitted at least some, will quickly realize this is a very easy pattern. It's all as a circular knit, either with double pointed needles, or a circular needle (from 40 to 60 cm long, I think... I did it with double pointed needles)
EDIT: The original pattern is a free one from here:  I just translated it, hopefully correctly.

The pattern )
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I made this thingy (still not sure if it's a hat, a beanie, or a beret...) for my friend Steph. That's my daughter modelling it for me, surprisingly enough. Usually Saara just gives me this "you've got to be kidding me, I will never do it" - look, when I ask for a favor like this :D She can be kind of... un-cooperative, probably thanks to her age. Well, I love her anyway, and the knitting is pretty good :)


Knit Picks

May. 1st, 2012 02:48 am
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A few pictures of some knits I've made, and one card I made that I was very proud of :)

Pictures Ohoy! )


Apr. 2nd, 2012 05:42 pm
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I've been knitting a lot of regular socks, but I have also tried a bit different ones. And ta-daa! I present some pictures :)

Pictures over here! )

Was fun trying out new kinds of socks, and [ profile] borrowyourlight will get different kinds than these, since I promised to make her a pair :)
(which will be my next project, by the way)

New socks

Oct. 17th, 2011 07:02 pm
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I made these for Saara. The sock itself is very basic, the rib-knit goes all the way down the top of the sock though, so it was easy to see where the laces go. She really likes these, and already wants another pair with different colours :)

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It's getting cold here in the mornings and nights, so Saara asked me to knit her a set of mittens, a woolly hat and a scarf. She picked out the yarns, and I made it happen.

Here's the scarf. It's really long and very warm. I braided the fringes, and I think they look nice. It's a very basic scarf with a big cable in the middle, and it's made of two yarns, the other one a bit lighter in color.

And here are the hat and the mittens. Mittens are very basic too, just with one cable on the back of the hand. And the hat has several narrow cables in it, and as Saara wanted, a fairly big bobble :)

And here's a BIT better pic of the Spuffy art [ profile] dontgetanyolder did for me. It's a very hard thing to photograph, because of the colors. Someone with a better camera (yes, that means you, Anni) can try to capture it better :)

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I ordered new yarn little while ago, and now I started to knit a cardigan for myself. I love how the yarn feels and it's easy to knit. And I love the color. Only thing is, that I will most likely look like a big, plump, orange in it :) Well, if I like it, I'll let my kids laugh at their orange-mom and not care one bit.

This is how it looks like. The color is a bit distorted in the pic, but it's close to the real thing.

The pattern is just basic, easy, moss stitch.

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I don't know it you've ever heard of a thing called Konad stamping nail art? Well, Saara saw some tutorials on Youtube and decided to try it out. It was messy at first, but when she got the hang of it, it makes very beautiful nails surprisingly easily.

But as you can see, it can be a messy process :) This is the second time she was trying it out.

You can do a lot of things with it, but the nails can look like this, for example.

If you're into nails, I recommend you check it out.

And then the knitting part. I've been in a sock knitting mood lately for some reason. These three pairs are the latest. The top ones are for my husband, the green ones for myself and the whimsical colored for [ profile] framedinlove  since I promised to knit her a pair :)

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Okay, remember the lacy gardigan I knit for myself a while ago? Well, there was a lot of yarn left, and I found a pattern for the same yarn, and knit a bolero (I don't have a better word for it) for my niece. The picture is a bad one, it's difficult to take a pic of it on a hanger. But I'm pleased with how it turned out :) And I hope she'll like it.

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I haven't been knitting that much in the last year or so, but now I've gotten into it more again. I made few pairs of socks, mittens, small things. And then I found a beautiful pattern and a beautiful yarn to go with it. Faster than I thought, I made THIS:

It's meant to be worn in summertime. The lace knitting makes it rather cool to wear, even if it doesn't look like it.

Here's a detail from the sleeve.

I'm so very happy that I made something usable for myself  *squees some more*


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