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This is the reason for my HUGE squee!!

The quality of the pic is horrible. It has been taken with my cellphone in a rather bad lighting, but I couldn't find the connecting cable to my camera, so this'll have to do for now. I'll take a better one when it's framed and on the wall.

Anyway, it's made by [ profile] dontgetanyolder , and she used a manip made by[ profile] framedinlove as a reference. The manip is probably my favorite one ever, and I'm really excited that I now have a piece of art that I can hang on my wall :)

Thank you, both Tiffany and Anni! I really love this.
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I´m not writing fic, sorry, but my creativity is stil at a very low point. And I can´t make wallpapers or manips either, sorry. So this is just my toughts of some things.
I have surfed trough web looking Spuffy-fics and manips as well as pics of Sarah and James and Eliza. (since only other pairing besides Spuffy that I read is Buffy/Faith, and few Spike/Wes) Well, I think I´ve found majority of them, and this is a BIG THANKS to all of you who write or draw or paint or do something to pics with computer that I don´t know.
It takes your time and then you just put it on web for anybody to see or read. I think that´s great. You don´t get any money from it but you do it anyway.
I hope you all keep going because there are lots of people like me who love what you do, enjoy it and respect you for your creativity.
I know this is a bit sappy, but I just wanted to thank you all at once.
Little old me, Katriina


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