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Pick your top 10 ships (no particular order) without reading the questions:

1. Buffy & Spike (BtVS)

2. Bo & Dyson (Lost Girl)

3. Emma Swan & Hook (Once Upon a Time)

4. Sookie & Eric (True Blood)

5. Kenzi & Hale (Lost Girl)

6. JJ & Reid (Criminal Minds)

7. Willow & Tara (BtVS)

8. Emily & Nolan (Revenge)

9. Damon & Elena (Vampire Diaries)

10. Nikita & Nerd (Nikita)


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Color Meme

Mar. 8th, 2011 10:51 pm
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If anyone wants to play, leave me a comment and I'll choose a color that reminds me of you, then you can list ten things you like in that color or ten things that color reminds you of.

[ profile] slashbycaranfin  gave me *sigh* canary yellow... I'm not sure if I even know ten things that are canary yellow, but I picked ten yellow things I like and that'll have to do :)


This way, my friends :) )
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Day 30: What you think made Buffy so great?

Many, many reasons :) Here are a few of them:

Great, great characters

Witty use of language

Good casting choices

The courage to deal with big, difficult issues

The story itself

Strong heroine (One who makes mistakes, is human, not a Mary Sue)

Just the right amount of sex, violence and giving the finger to the authorities  :)

Showing love in its various shapes

Finally, and I have to add this, because one thing I truly love to hate, is Twilight:

Vampires that do NOT sparkle

Thank you for seven seasons of BtVS, my all-time favorite TV show :)

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Day 29: Episode you hate that everyone else loves?

The Body

I don't actually hate it... but I don't like it. I know it's considered to be one of the best BtVS episodes ever, but I really don't like watching it. To be fair, it's more because the topic is so sad, and I hate how Joyce's body looks like. The episode itself probably IS good. It's just not for me.
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I just realized that of course I picked February to do a 30 day meme... *sigh* Well, I'll do 30 posts anyway, two will be in March :)

Day 28: The character you love to hate?

I guess it has to be Riley, because he was supposed to be the big love interest for a long time, and I just felt cheated every time I watched him with Buffy. I don't know if I love to hate him, I just hate him in his "farm boy turned secret agent" role.

Yeah, you might be taller, Riley... but you'll never be anywhere near as cool as Spike. Or hot. Or lukewarm...your body, I mean... Okay, enough of the temperatures :D Point is, Spike rocks, you don't.

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Day 27: Cutest moment?

I think the Willow/Tara relationship had some very cute moments. The one in "New Moon Rising" is very cute:

Tara is in her darkened dorm room, looking out the window. There's a knock on the door. She gets up to answer it. It's Willow, holding a candle.


WILLOW: No candles? Well, I brought one. It's extra flamey.

Tara doesn't say anything. Willow steps forward and gives her the candle, closes the door behind herself.

WILLOW: Tara, I have to tell you...

TARA: No, I-I understand. You have to be with the person you l-love.

WILLOW: (smiles) I am.

TARA: You mean...

WILLOW: I mean. -- Okay?

TARA: Oh, yes.

WILLOW: I feel horrible about everything I put you through. A-and I'm gonna make it up to you. Starting right now.

TARA: (starts to smile) Right now?

Willow smiles and nods. Tara blows out the candle.

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Day 26: Favorite Scooby Moment?

I'm leaning towards the moment in "Chosen", where Buffy, Giles, Willow and Xander are at the school just before the final fight and talk about what they want to do on the next day, and when they leave, Giles says "The Earth is definitely doomed." (Quoting himself from "Harvest", where he said "The Earth is doomed!") They all kind of get back to what and who they were in season 1, more innocent and carefree. I liked that they could bring that back after all that had happened.

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Day 25: Favorite Buffyverse Saying

There are a few that I really like, but the one I love, is this:

"Life isn't bliss, life is just this, it's living." Those of course were Spike's words to Buffy in OMWF.

Along with that goes the line "The hardest thing in this world, is to live in it." Made famous by Buffy and Dawn.

There are many funny sayings in Buffyverse, like these:

"I won't wear my button that says, "I'm a Slayer. Ask me how!"

"What are you going to do?"
"I'm going to kill them all. That ought to distract them."

And then there's this little snippet from "First Date", that makes me laugh every single time I watch the episode. I don't know why, but this just strikes the funny nerve in me:

"You know, it's not even that he's acting that suspicious. It's just—there he is. On the hell mouth. All day, every day. That's got to be like being showered with evil. Only from underneath." (Buffy)
"Not really a shower." (Willow)
"A bidet. Like a bidet of evil." (Buffy)    

 Yeah, the "bidet of evil" gets me every time :)


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Day 24: Favorite example of 90s special effects

The snake-demon-monster-guy in Reptile Boy...or is that more like a prop, or actually a costume? I'm going to say that anyway :)

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Day 23: Two characters you wanted to get together that never did

Buffy and Spike

manip by [ profile] framedinlove 

There was a lot of "getting together", but they never made it official and really tried to make it work. Since I'm a Spuffy girl through and through...I would've loved to see a Spuffy romance, a real one, not just the one in Something Blue :) 
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Day 22: Best Xander-centric episode

The Zeppo

The whole episode is more than a little confusing and messy, especially the whole Hellmouth thing... BUT, it also gave Xander the chance to prove he's just as brave as everyone else, and be cool, even if the others never knew what happened :)
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Day 21: Best Willow-centric episode


Dark Willow is my favorite female villain, and she was in full force in this episode. Of course there was also Buffy realizing she wanted to live after all, Giles being really cool, and then Xander's "yellow crayon" speech :) It really showed the power of love, and the depth of their friendship. A good episode overall.
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Day 20: Best Spike-centric episode?

Lovers walk, if for nothing else, for Spikes famous "Love's bitch" speech :)

That wasn't all of it, but the best parts :)

I think this episode stands out the most for me, because there wasn't more Spike in season 3, to my sorrow... *sniffle*
Of course it was also a great episode, and it showed some differences between Angel and Spike. I also like how Joyce was so fond of Spike, but afraid of Angel :)
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Day 19: Character you like that everyone else hates?

Hard to say. I believe my likes and dislikes are somewhat similar than the common view. I've seen a lot of critic about Buffy, and I really like Buffy. That's the only answer I can come up with.

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 Day 18: Character who didn't get enough screen time

Spike. There's never enough Spike :) Mainly I would've liked to see more of him in season 3.

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Day 17: Character You Relate To The Most

Anya is the one that actually resembles me a lot, personality-wise.

I'm a fairly happy person, who can be horribly blunt at times, and I have a weird sense of humor. I also have trouble understanding some of the customs people have, for some reason...
I relate to her troubles of finding her place in the World, I had and sometimes still have the same problem. She got her heart broken, she did stupid things because she was hurting, but she did her best to fix them. 

Oh, and I'm afraid of all the animals, including bunnies! :)

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Day 16: Episode you like that everyone hates

I had no idea what people think about the episodes, so I took a look at a list at one big fan site. Apparently many of the first season episodes aren't very popular, and the thing is: I love season 1 :) The first two episodes are one of my favorites ever. So maybe that's enough of an answer.

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Day 15: Favorite Male Villain

As much as I love Spike,  I can't say he's my favorite villain, because as the time went by, he became something else. So... my favorite villain is Angelus.

Angel in BtVS, was way too broody and boring, and I only started liking him in his own show. Angelus however, was a great character. He had passion and drive, and he hated all the human emotions like love. As a good baddie should :)
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Day 14: Favorite Female Villain

There weren't too many good female villains... My choice is Dark Witchy Willow. She was seriously scary. so seemingly emotionless...

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Day 13: Favorite Potential Slayer

I'm going to say Vi, because she's the one I remember the best. (besides Kennedy, but I only remember her because she was so annoying)
Her stammering was cute, and I love this moment:

"No, no sir. You don't play by the rules, and I have learned a valuable lesson of some sort."  :)


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