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I went to see the Hobbit with my daughter. I wanted 2D, she wanted 3D, and somehow she always seems to win... Not that it was bad in 3D, but those glasses are just annoying sometimes.

This way! )
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I went to the Spinefeast at the Sea cruise with my son the last week. (the name comes from Spinefarm Records)
We went there to see Dragonforce, but two of the other bands were ones I liked too. I was really tired afterwards, because we had to take a train to Helsinki, a taxi to the ship, have the cruise, take a taxi to the train and the train back home. And of course I was responsible for the kid all the time :) We had a lot of fun, though. We managed to be right in the front, and I know we'll probably never see the band so close again. Santeri was SO excited... jumping up and down and singing along. The best part probably was, when Vadim (plays keyboards) came to us in the middle of the song with the portable keyboard thingy, and Santeri got to play them for a brief moment. He was extremely happy about it :D

I love doing these things, because this is something we both love, and we get to do it together. With Saara it's something else, and I think they both need some alone time with me, even though they would never admit that ;) (mom is NOT a cool person at that age)

My laptop almost crashed due some weird incompatibility problem, but my hero of a husband saved it :) I so love him when he does that...

Sorry if I haven't been commenting. I have been tired and lazy :( I do think about you all, especially the ones who are having a hard time. I haven't forgotten.

Here's a clip or two from the gig.

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That is my answer to the writer's block. LJ is being a B**** and won't let me put the video anywhere else than on top of the page. *grrr* If anyone knows what helps, please tell me.

That song is my favorite Beatles song at the moment, because I have fun memories with my family, connected to this song. It makes me smile and sometimes dance by myself :)

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Another wonderful time with [ profile] obvmluver , this time whole four days!!! Thank you so much for your company :) We had fun, we talked, laughed, shopped and even visited a museum. Saving that guy with the "boat" was the high point of the whole museum :D
I'm already waiting for your visit here... Thank god for IM:ing, 'cause otherwise I would miss you way too much. Well...I miss you anyway :)

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Yes, I mean the whole moving process! We emptied and cleaned the old apartment in a three day period, from Saturday to Monday. There are still things around the new home, waiting for me to find a place for them, but mostly it's all done!

I'm tired, bruised, my muscles ache and I feel like my brain isn't working properly, but I'm really happy :) We have a better home now and hopefully I won't have to do this again in a long time, if ever.

I'll post some pictures after there aren't any boxes around :)

I have a definite winner feeling right now!

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This is just about how I look like now:

We're moving in two weeks time, and I hate it with passion. I especially hate living in the middle of boxes, bags, things everywhere but where they should be... I don't like going trough every closet, shelf, drawer and box, even if it forces me to get rid of all the junk there is.

I know I will love it, when we're moved and everything is in their own, new places. I just dislike this phase I'm in right now. We need to drive to IKEA and buy a lot of stuff, mostly shelves and other storage items, lamps, rugs, mattresses, office chair... *sigh*

I just need to...stay tough and get trough this shitty stuff, and then relax...


Oct. 15th, 2010 08:38 am
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See, how it looks here right now! It's snow, and even though I know it won't probably last long, I like it anyway :)

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See that pic above? Yes, that's just about what I'm doing every few minutes... I know flu isn't exactly a life threatening illness and it's not a big reason to whine, but I still hate it with fiery passion...

Saara had it first, but not a bad one, and now I'm coughing like crazy and my nose feels like it's stuffed with glue... Just a slight fever though. I know I'll be fine in couple of days, but I still hate it.

I'm also getting irritated more easily lately, which usually means "Hello depression, here I come!" Well, I'll just need to start taking those extra meds that I don't want, but what the hell, better that than hurting myself...

I know this was a depressing post altogether, I'm sorry. Sometimes life sucks a bit...
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To Sotia and Andrei, extremely happy wedding day! I'm so sorry I couldn't be there, but I've been thinking you a lot today. I hope everything has gone well and it has been everything you wished and worked for :)

This song has always brought weddings to my mind, because of the words. With this, once more: HAPPY, JOYFUL, WEDDING DAY SOTIA AND ANDREI!!!

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I don't know it you've ever heard of a thing called Konad stamping nail art? Well, Saara saw some tutorials on Youtube and decided to try it out. It was messy at first, but when she got the hang of it, it makes very beautiful nails surprisingly easily.

But as you can see, it can be a messy process :) This is the second time she was trying it out.

You can do a lot of things with it, but the nails can look like this, for example.

If you're into nails, I recommend you check it out.

And then the knitting part. I've been in a sock knitting mood lately for some reason. These three pairs are the latest. The top ones are for my husband, the green ones for myself and the whimsical colored for [ profile] framedinlove  since I promised to knit her a pair :)

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I had the absolute pleasure of having[ profile] framedinlove over for a visit! Thank you so much for that Anni :)
And I'm eagerly waiting to see how that new...thingy unravels ;)
Have a nice summer, and we'll meet again, hopefully soon.

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This pic tells the reason why  :) I'm glad for you, truly!

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I don't necessarily mean weird in a bad way. I just find the smallest things extremely lovely from time to time :)
This time the cause of my happiness is... a toothbrush. Yes, you read right, a toothbrush. But not just any toothbrush, no. It's the prettiest toothbrush EVER, really. Just look at it; my two favorite colors together, and so girly!

So yeah, I'm happy :)
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I was IM:n with [ profile] obvmluver  yesterday, and told her how our apartment was filled with kids. It happens every year; when spring comes and turns into summer, our place is like a busy railway station, kids coming and going. Yesterday it was three of Saara's friends and two of Santeri's. They come, play Wii games, listen some music, eat and drink and make noise.

However, I prefer this. I like to know where my kids are, so I rather have their friends come over here, than S&S spend a lot of time at their friends' homes. So, I just go in our bedroom where I have a TV, my laptop, knitting tools and books, and happily listen the thumping and talking coming from the other rooms.

Why this happens on the spring and summer? I really don't know. We have their friends over in fall and winter too, but not as many and so often. Maybe it's just that kids like to move around when the weather is warm?

Now they are counting days to the summer holiday, and they deserve it after working hard at school the whole year. *hugs the kids*

I tend to listen more music in the summer, and again I have no reason, it just happens. Now it has been Stratovarius that's on top of the list. Their song "Paradise" has a message, about how we're ruining this earth with our selfish actions. I'm not a big eco-warrior, but I recycle as much as I can and use products that aren't disposable. And I love the song anyway :)

Music I listen changes with my moods, a lot. It can be anything from a perky pop to a sad, sad, blues or a heavy metal. What ever it is that I listen, it affects me. A friend of mine has told me how important music is in her life, and it made me think about it too. Music can move us, even motivate us. And if my summer is filled with perky music, I'll take it as a good sign. Definitely.

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First of all I would want to know if he even remembers what he did to me. If he doesn´t I would tell him, and ask is being drunk reason enough to violate someone.

If he remembers, I would tell him that he scarred me for life. Not outside, those wounds healed long time ago, but inside. He took away something I had to work long and hard to get back, but can never have complitely.

I never found it in me to confront him. First it was fear, that he would hurt me again somehow, but now it´s more like he isn´t worth it. I don´t need to see him or talk to him. There are more important people that my time belongs to.
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I have overcome so many fears and insecurities during last 10 months that it´s hard to believe. Some of them are really private, and some aren´t. I think the biggest step for me was posting my first fic. I had never before believed I could write, and more than that, write in English. But I did, and it has brought so much substance in my life.

Writing Spuffy came in the end pretty easily, but writing in my other fandom (which some of you know) was a much bigger step. But I had a friend who made me believe in myself and my writing. I have thanked [profile] obvmluverfor that many times. So that was another fear I pushed away.

And now she has lured me into Role Playing by messenger :) Laura really has a way to turn my head, make me forget all the reasons why not, and just let go. And boy is it fun! I could never have believed how much fun it could be to take a character/person and start thinking that persons thoughts. Make them do what you wish, create problems, funny moments, love, all there is. I´m simply loving it. Half the time I´m laughing so hard that my husband may pretty soon send me to a loony bin, and there are moments I actually have tears in my eyes. I don´t know how far we will take it, but that´s the beauty of it, we decide what, when and how.

I´m sure there are many things more for me to face and overcome, but opening up like I´ve done all these months, it´s liberating and fun. I hope I never forget that.

Last year

Jul. 27th, 2009 06:40 am
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So, I´m 34. Doesn´t feel a bit different than 33 :)
Last year has been different though. I only spent like month and a half in hospital, which is good. My meds seem to be working quite well now.

I have seen a change in my kids, Saara is in her teens, and has changed  lot, and Santeri is a big boy now, 10 years *sigh* But they still need the tenderness and cuddling and hugs they get from me, and that makes me happy. I also need to help them with school, which makes me feel needed :)

Biggest change has been finding LJ and DA. I´ve found a bunch of friends, and some of them have become pretty important to me. (Anni, you know that you´re the best thing I´ve found, right?)
I found the world of fan fiction, and that has meant a LOT to me. First it was just reading, but at some point I started to write my own fics, and I quite still can´t believe that. Me, writing something, in English?! But now I write almost every day, and it gives me this insanely happy feeling.

This year has been one of the best years with Rami. Our marriage has been a rocky road, but this year has been really good, and I have confidence now, that we´ll stay together now matter what.

So, few new things this year, can´t wait to see what next year has in store :)
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I´ve written some small bits of what happened last summer, but I thought I should tell the whole story, since it was a really scary tale.
My brother Pekka, who is 13 years younger than me, was 20 last summer. He was working with the post office delivering the morning newspapers.
He is young, male, and of course has way too much belief in his abilities =)
So he was sleeping way too little, and everybody warned him about it. But did he listen? Of course not.

In June he had a few events that he attended, and he didn´t sleep more than three hours per day for a period of six days.
Then he went to deliver the papers one morning, and he fell asleep while driving. He crashed into a group of three trees, and went unconscious for a moment. (I have to add that his seat belt was not fastened, which is the usual way while delivering papers, sadly)
When he came to, the car was burning, and he was hurt. He still managed to call his supervisor and tell where he was, and that he had crashed. Then he went unconscious again for a while, but (and this saved his life) came to, and managed to crawl half out of the car before he went unconscious yet again.

Then the ambulance came, and they took him to the hospital. This is when we all heard that he had been in an accident. And guess how I felt, when I knew that he could die, and I was 340 km from there? It was hell. I could only wait for the phone calls, and told my mom, that they had to tell Pekka how much I love him, if I wasn´t going to see him ever again.

First they thought that there wasn´t much wrong with him apart from many broken bones. *edit: his liver was also ruptured, but it wasn´t anything demanding surgery. It was going to stop bleeding on its own after some time*  But then they discovered that his aorta had been ruptured. Not the main part, but one of the sectors. Doctors told, that they could´t operate it directly, because that would make him bleed to death. They had to try and put a patch into the vein through another vein in his groin. However, the catch was, that they didn´t have the patch.
They had to order it, and it would be the next day before it was there. So we could only hope and pray, that his vein would hold together, or he would die.

His blood pressure was alarmingly low, partly because the bleeding in the liver, and partly 'cause his other injuries. His hemoglobin was equally scary low, but he held up. They did operate, and it was a success. Then, when it was time for him to wake up from the surgery, he didn´t. Doctors did all the examinations, and could only say that his brain was swollen, and we would just have to wait and see what was to come.
This was kind of when I lost it. I could only cry and cry and pray, and nothing could make me see the light. I kept saying same things over and over again, and (my kids told me, I can´t remember) talked totally weird things.

Two days later I got the call from my dad. I knew that Pekka had either died, or woken up, because my dad only called when it was something major, otherwise it was Jenni who called. And my tears wouldn´t stop when he told that Pekka was awake, and there wasn´t anything majorly wrong with him. He was still breathing through a tube, but doctors told that he would be OK.

We went to see him two days later, and the breathing tube had just been removed, so he could talk. This is taken then.

He´s in ICU in the pic, and has all kinds of tubes going in and coming out, but he is alive, and well =) You can guess how happy we were. That´s me on the left and my sister Jenni on the right. We were in Turku central hospital.

So, he had 8 broken bones including shoulder, knee, arm, and a few ribs. But as you can see, no casts, so the fractures were pretty slight. He was out of the hospital in two weeks, and has now only scars and that patch reminding him how close he came to losing his life.

The car he was driving burned totally and so did the three trees he crashed into.
That´s how close he was. If he had lost consciousness totally after the crash, he would have been burned with the car. So I´m thanking every little stroke of good luck he had, and God, for making it so I still have my brother.

That´s the tale. It has made me enjoy living, and family, and friends much more, since it only takes a second to take it all away.

My Days

Dec. 11th, 2008 05:07 am
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So, I don´t live the most exciting life.. I take care of our home, I make dinner, I help my kids with school, I have regular sex with my husband (very good by the way) and so on. But it gives me so much. Mostly I feel safe, happy and loved. If I want the excitement, adventure, or larger than life romance, I read. I read books and I read FF. I can read four ours per day, if I don´t have better things to do. I read historical novels about the Middle Ages, and I read Spuffy fics, that tell about vampires, slayers and supernatural things. It´s all part of me, and those things are what my days are all about.


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