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This is my very first attempt in the field of fanfiction writing. It´s Spuffy, and extremely fluffy. This happens some time after "Crush."  But my Buffy was not afraid of love, or what other people think.
Also, I´m Finnish, so forgive me my bad grammar, no Beta yet. And disclaimer: they are sadly not mine, but Joss and Co own them. This is just for fun.

AN: The very simple banner is  mine. I just wanted there to be a real cookie to be seen :)

**Spike woke up to a knock on the door to his crypt, and while being still dopey, tried to jump into his jeans while shouting, "I´m coming!"
That only made him to trip and fall, bumping his head on the corner of his coffee table. Rubbing the rapidly rising lump in his head and mumbling few well chosen curses, he made it to the door and opened it.

There wasn´t anybody to be seen however, and Spike was already closing the door cursing the bloody wankers who found this kind of a joke funny, when something caught his eye.
It was a small blue box with white ribbon. He picked it up, and took it inside for a closer look.

It didn´t seem to be anything threatening, just a pretty present. He tried to shake it and heard something moving inside. He took a sniff, and it smelled sweet. Extremely curious now, Spike tore it open. "What the hell..a cookie?"

And cookie it was. A large chocolate chip cookie. And it was a bit warm, just been baked a short time ago.
Spike didn´t get it. No. Why would anybody bring him a cookie? He took the box, and searched for a clue. And found one. On the bottom of the box were few words written in a tidy writing.
"Not a crumb. The whole cookie."


" What?..."
And then it hit him. Like a brick in the head. It made him tumble and land on his chair. It couldn´t be, could it? But it had to be. Buffy had given him the whole fucking cookie!

He didn´t know what to think, only thought in his head was, "Must see Buffy, now!" And following that thought he grabbed his coat and started to run towards Buffys house.

When he got there, he found Buffy sitting on the porch, waiting for him. Smiling. She got up and walked to Spike, reached up, tilted her head, and gave him a soft kiss. "You got my message."

"Spike? You in there?"

"Yeah, luv, I am and I got the message", Spike said, as a wide smile spread across his face, and showed her the cookie that was still in his hand.

"I hope someday I'll get the whole cookie jar."

"That could be arranged", Buffy said leaning up to kiss him again.

EN: That´s it, I hope it made you smile!



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