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I went to the Spinefeast at the Sea cruise with my son the last week. (the name comes from Spinefarm Records)
We went there to see Dragonforce, but two of the other bands were ones I liked too. I was really tired afterwards, because we had to take a train to Helsinki, a taxi to the ship, have the cruise, take a taxi to the train and the train back home. And of course I was responsible for the kid all the time :) We had a lot of fun, though. We managed to be right in the front, and I know we'll probably never see the band so close again. Santeri was SO excited... jumping up and down and singing along. The best part probably was, when Vadim (plays keyboards) came to us in the middle of the song with the portable keyboard thingy, and Santeri got to play them for a brief moment. He was extremely happy about it :D

I love doing these things, because this is something we both love, and we get to do it together. With Saara it's something else, and I think they both need some alone time with me, even though they would never admit that ;) (mom is NOT a cool person at that age)

My laptop almost crashed due some weird incompatibility problem, but my hero of a husband saved it :) I so love him when he does that...

Sorry if I haven't been commenting. I have been tired and lazy :( I do think about you all, especially the ones who are having a hard time. I haven't forgotten.

Here's a clip or two from the gig.

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Bumped into an announcement telling that Dragonforce is going to be playing in Finland! Well, at least partly in Finland. You see, they'll be playing on a cruise ship, on its way to Tallinn, Estonia. The ship sails from Helsinki, and you can guess how fast I booked a cabin for me and Santeri... It's not that expensive, and you can see a lot of bands. Here's some info of it, if anyone is interested:  (it is in English)

Anyway, I can't believe we'll see them again so soon :) Dragonforce is kind of a strange band, with the loooong guitar solos and "hero" lyrics, but I really like them for some reason. Partly because their songs give me the most trouble in Guitar Hero. God, I sweat so badly every time I play Through the Fire and Flames...

The cruise is in next January, so we have to wait for a bit, but not too long. There is an age limit, you have to be over twenty, but Santeri can come, because he'll be with a parent. So a bit of fun in store for us :)

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That is my answer to the writer's block. LJ is being a B**** and won't let me put the video anywhere else than on top of the page. *grrr* If anyone knows what helps, please tell me.

That song is my favorite Beatles song at the moment, because I have fun memories with my family, connected to this song. It makes me smile and sometimes dance by myself :)

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The second one is SO different :) The group is called Seminaarinmäen mieslaulajat, or Semmarit. I love their live shows, they're so much fun to watch and listen :) Listening to them always makes me smile, and that can't be bad. Here's a link if you want to know about them: They don't exactly do music videos, so this video has pictures of them. The song is called "Kaksi kättä hississä", meaning "Two hands in the elevator" :D

I'm not sure how many of you have ever listened to someone talking or singing in Finnish, so if you hadn't before this, now you have :) It probably sounds very weird to you... Finnish is kind of "hard" sounding, I think, but it doesn't sound so bad in songs.

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As my icon may hint, I really love Guitar Hero games. I usually play the guitar or the bass, but recently I've tried the drums too. I just bought two more games to the series: Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock and Band Hero. BH is a bit older game, and it was on sale. We also have BH for Nintendo DS, and when you use them together, it unlocks some features. (Haven't tried it yet.)

Playing together is the best way for me, and these two games will give me, my kids and their friends a lot of new songs to play, and both games have different kind of challenges you can unlock. Yippee! :)


Oct. 15th, 2010 03:24 am
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I had this need to make a post, even if I don't have anything absolutely important to say... Well, I'm doing it anyway :)
My parents were here to celebrate their 38th wedding anniversary. Thirty-eight! That's a LOT... My brother is coming here today, and my sister and her family next week, and I'm thrilled to see them all *loves*

My kids have been busy with school. A lot of tests and homework. They've been doing well, though. I'm really proud of them.
This is the school my son goes to. It's a small school, nearest one to us, and he only has seventeen kids in his class, which is excellent, because now the teacher can give more attention to every kid.

I don't have a picture of the school my daughter goes to... I did find this pic from the net though. This is the biggest sports field in our town, and the building on the bottom left corner is the school.

Hm... I've been developing a real hate for Twilight... I'm not hating anyone who likes it or try to convert them, but I really dislike the book series for many reasons. And since I'm a Buffy fan, and my view on vampires is mostly based on that (and a lot of vampire movies), I find the sparkling ones sort of insulting... Well, that's just my opinion, but I've lately talked with a couple of people about this, and my opinion is pretty strong. I apologize if this hurts someone's feelings, that isn't my intention.

And finally, I want to make [ profile] obvmluver  smile, since she's had a tough week at school, so...this is a way to do it :)

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Yesterday I went to Green Day's concenrt in Helsinki with my son, Santeri!! And it was so, so, great!! They really did put up a show. They kept the audience involved trought the whole 2,5 hours (about) they played. Most of the songs were from their newest album, but there were lots of other songs too. We yelled and clapped and jumped and so on.... And I was so proud of my little rocker :) He pulled trough the 7 hour stay on the concert field without any complaining *hugs Santeri*

They had a lot of fireworks and fire elements, and the whole stage setting was great, almost 3D at times. Even the paper shreds they shot to the sky were Green Day themed, Santeri picked up couple of those, he's going to make a collage out of the tickets, pictures, hotel cards...everything we have that's connected to the whole thing.

And here are some pictures  :)  Of course, since it's me. We weren't that far away from the stage, but the lighting was very difficult, so some of the pics aren't that great.

First, here's one video though. I didn't make this, but I noticed it on youtube, and realized that it's filmed right from where we were standing. I know it because there's a blond haired female attendant ( at 00:50 or so) and she was standing right in front of me the whole time :)


This way to the pictures )That's it. We will most definitely remember this one for a veeeeery long time. I'm happy that everything went well and we had an amazing time. Thank you for all three bands for giving us a true show!!! *SQUEE!!!!*

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I was IM:n with [ profile] obvmluver  yesterday, and told her how our apartment was filled with kids. It happens every year; when spring comes and turns into summer, our place is like a busy railway station, kids coming and going. Yesterday it was three of Saara's friends and two of Santeri's. They come, play Wii games, listen some music, eat and drink and make noise.

However, I prefer this. I like to know where my kids are, so I rather have their friends come over here, than S&S spend a lot of time at their friends' homes. So, I just go in our bedroom where I have a TV, my laptop, knitting tools and books, and happily listen the thumping and talking coming from the other rooms.

Why this happens on the spring and summer? I really don't know. We have their friends over in fall and winter too, but not as many and so often. Maybe it's just that kids like to move around when the weather is warm?

Now they are counting days to the summer holiday, and they deserve it after working hard at school the whole year. *hugs the kids*

I tend to listen more music in the summer, and again I have no reason, it just happens. Now it has been Stratovarius that's on top of the list. Their song "Paradise" has a message, about how we're ruining this earth with our selfish actions. I'm not a big eco-warrior, but I recycle as much as I can and use products that aren't disposable. And I love the song anyway :)

Music I listen changes with my moods, a lot. It can be anything from a perky pop to a sad, sad, blues or a heavy metal. What ever it is that I listen, it affects me. A friend of mine has told me how important music is in her life, and it made me think about it too. Music can move us, even motivate us. And if my summer is filled with perky music, I'll take it as a good sign. Definitely.

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These are the guys, who FINALLY will come to Finland after 15 years, and will have a concert in Helsinki the 8th of June this summer!!!

Yes, I will see Green Day at concert!!! With my son!!!
You may notice I'm kind of excited :)
I was seriously settling on not ever seeing them play, but now we will :D

Now I can't wait for the summer to come, but at least I have something amazing to look forward to.

Okay, one more time:

Green Day in Finland!!!
I have the tickets!!!
*squee while happy dancing*
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I´m dying to see Green Day... If they ever come to Finland, I´ll be in that consert no matter what the tickets cost. I would probably go if they were in Sweden or Estonia, but not further.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]I´m just gonna say it´s Tallulah by Sonata Arctica. Nothing more to say :)


Aug. 31st, 2009 08:55 pm
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I´m almost giddy, cause Rami gave me this pretty, little iPod shuffle MP3 player! I have a lot of music on my cell phone, but I wanted something very small, which I can take anywhere. Well, this is small,  just about 4cm long, really tiny :)
Now I just need to think what music I´m gonna download in it. It has only 1GB memory card, so I need to choose carefully. But yei, this will be so handy :)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]My favorite Michael Jackson song is Billie Jean for some reason, don´t know why exactly. I like many of his songs from that time period. It has the kind of beat to it that makes my foot tap in rhythm. I don´t know what kind of person he was, or what kind of life he had. I know that I like his music, most of it, and he was a great performer and recording artist. I also know that those close to him, his children the most have lost someone important, and I´m sorry for them.
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Don´t worry, Rami has no competition, it´s just a new music I´m loving :)
I usually prefer rock music, but I listen just about everything. I stumbled on this Irish group called Celtic Woman. And I LOVE them. It´s so peaceful yet powerful. I have always had a soft spot for Irish music...Their version of You Raise Me Up (I love that song no matter who sings it) is just IS. I went and bought their CD which has all their greatest hits I think, and have been listening it while I read or do laundry. Another favorite is One World. I put links to those two here.
You may very well hate them, but hey, you don´t have to listen any more :) (live at Slane Castle) (this one is from an ice skating event)

Metal music

Mar. 2nd, 2009 01:16 am
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I wonder what it is with people in Finland and metal rock music?
In here artists have won Finnish Idol, Eurovision Song Contest and now The War of Choirs with metal rock-music. And the Eurovision-thing was even Monster Rock with the costumes and everything.(Lordi)

Personally I don´t mind, I like rock, and metal music, not the kind where they just shout the words, but the more melodic kind. Like my old favorite Stratovarius (and I just HAPPEN to be listening it now...), Dragonforce(I know I know..), AC-DC, Teräsbetoni etc. So fine with me, but why?

There has been many popular finnish metal bands over the time, and Germany is near us and they also like their metal =)
So, long traditions perhaps? Or finnish mentality is the right kind, not too lighthearted, more melancholy and dark? I don´t know, somebody can tell me where this thing comes from, beats me *throws hands in the air*

This wondering comes from the fact that The War of Choirs just ended tonight, and the winning choir came from Lappajärvi, and leading the choir was Timo Kotipelto (Who happens to be singer of...Stratovarius!). They sang only rock and metal songs trough the competition (6 weeks, 8 songs), and their clothes were always black and red. The clothes were really suitable, and their choreography was nice and composed. Some of the other choirs moves looked like a bad gymnastics lesson...

Well, as always, this is just my opinion. Well, maybe there are similar opinions, since there is this metal thing in Finland =)
But I don´t mean to belittle any ones taste in music. I like so many different kinds of it, from metal to Irish national music, so I can relate to about anybody =)

So, if anybody has a suggestion why Finland is this metal loving little scrap of a country, please tell me. Now I concentrate on celebrating Timos victory by listening some more of finnish metal music and reading Spuffy =) I know, those two don´t seem to be going together, but believe me, somehow in my world they do!

Night to all of you, it´s 2 am in Finland.


Feb. 16th, 2009 04:27 pm
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It took me ages to get my diary customized! It´s mainly because I´m such a twit with my programming...
My beautiful header is made by [ profile] easy_to_corrupt  who kindly advised me how to make this happen. She was really patient with me, so BIG THANKS to you =)
It took LJ-workers a while before they found out what was wrong, but now my journal is finally the way I like it. And now I can change layouts and headers myself, hopefully...

We bought Santeri a guitar on valentines day, and that was a brilliant decision! He is 10, and hasn´t played guitar ever, but now he can already play some simple songs. He just totally got it right away. We are going to get  him in to some lessons, so he can learn the right way to play. I´m so glad that we found a way to develop his musical talent.

I have been totally tired for about two weeks now, and I do mean like sleeping-15-hours-aday-tired. I already know what is wrong, my blood-tests show that my thyroid isn´t fully working. It has been a problem for few years now, and I do have medication, but it has gotten worse. Maybe I just have to increase the dose. I hope it will take the tiredness away, ´cause this is just ridiculous...Just have to wait what the doctor says.

I have developed a long Spuffy story in my head, have been thinking about it for a month now, but it´s a big step for me to start writing something. I´m afraid I can´t put it in words, and that it´s totally stupid. I hope some day now I have the inspiration hit me in the head and just MAKE me write it down. We´ll see...

Also thanks to [ profile] obvmluver  who helped me with the photobuket-thing, you know what, it worked!


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