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I have always been extremely afraid of spiders. I would say it has been close to a real phobia. Even the smallest of spiders sent me screaming away.

Well, we moved to the countryside, more or less, in last May, and now we have this whole garden/yard/woods around our house. We have berries growing in bushes and apples in trees, all that jazz. I have been picking the berries a lot, making some blackcurrant juice and putting the rest of the berries in the freezer for the winter. Well, as you can guess, there are bugs out there, a lot of them, and spiders. Webs all over the berry bushes and such.

And yes, somehow I have been kind of getting rid of my fear. I don't panic right away if I see a spider somewhere, although I do quickly find a way to kill it...

Today I was picking raspberries, and there honestly were eight spiders in the bowl I was putting the berries in, at different times of course. And I just calmly either squished them against the bowl or lured them out with twigs and threw them away. No panic, no nothing. I'm pretty proud of myself, and kind of surprised. I still get the "eww spider someone please kill that" feeling, if I see a bigger one, but at least I can now deal with the smaller ones. Thumbs up for me :D


Jan. 20th, 2015 07:00 pm
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Hotel and flights booked. Looks like we'll really be visiting London again this spring :) This time I'm going with my daughter and her friend, because this is my daughter's reward for finishing her school well.
A few days of shopping, musicals and some sights. And maybe I'll meet up with an internet friend, who lives near London. That would be really nice.
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Anni ([ profile] framedinlove),

This guy that I know you have a close relationship with ;)


Whom do you think he would like more to hang out with?


Let me know, and when they come out, I'll get you one. I hope you are having a good day, and that the spring and summer won't be too hot... :)
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I finished the socks for [ profile] ranmaru_fics and will post them hopefully today. They are very green, as she wanted, for St. Patrick's Day. I really wasn't able to get the true green to show in the picture, no matter where I tried, so the colour is a bit more brighter than in the pic. I hope you like them :)


And I also knitted a new slouchy for myself. I absolutely LOVE the yarn. It's called Folksong Chunky, and the colours are like made for me. Teddy was my model today, because taking selfies of a slouchy really is... almost impossible, and the kids aren't at home at the moment. So here's Teddy:


Happy February to everyone, since it's almost here :)
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And the winner of the sock-giveaway is... [ profile] ranmaru_fics !
Congrats to you :)
Send me a private message about your desired color scheme, shoe size and other possible details.

Better luck next time to everyone else. Yes, there will be a next time ;)

(Ja Laura, sulle voin ne mustat sukat tehdä ihan muutenkin vaan. Mikä se kengän koko oli?)


Aug. 10th, 2013 10:12 am
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This happy is because my brother is going to have a baby :) They've been married for a year, and had apparently tried for a couple of months, and now they're very much pregnant. I'll have a new niece or nephew, and I get to knit cute little things for her/him! Happyhappyjoyjoy indeed :D
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It is way too hot here, for me that is. When the temperature hits 30 C, all I want to do, is sit in a cool shower. Which I can't do, because I would be a wrinkly blob, and our water bill would be huge :(
Also, I'm trying to keep my tomato plant alive, and now I need to water it a lot, and I'm prone to forgetting it usually. Now I can't slip up, or bye-bye sweet little tomatoes... I so want you.

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I went to see the Hobbit with my daughter. I wanted 2D, she wanted 3D, and somehow she always seems to win... Not that it was bad in 3D, but those glasses are just annoying sometimes.

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Sometimes I think I really fail at life. Then I realize I'm still alive, so actually I've failed at dying. I can live with that :)

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I had the worst case of anxiety in a long time yesterday. Had to take the pills, had to control breathing, had to sit on my hands because they were shaking so badly, and so on. And I'm not even fully sure where it came from. I got through it anyway, and today is a better day :)
I'm so stable, on my scale, nowadays, that these things hit hard simply because I'm not expecting them like I used to. Of course I know all my disorders are there, and I'm not mentally healthy, never will be... but when the calmer time is longer, the highs and lows feel bigger when they come, if that makes sense.


Knit Picks

May. 1st, 2012 02:48 am
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A few pictures of some knits I've made, and one card I made that I was very proud of :)

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We were visiting my sister and her family (met my brother and my parents too) last weekend. I woke up in a very irritated mood on Saturday and with a horrible headache. Then the others decided to make a few hour trip to Naantali, which is a little under hour's drive from Salo, where we were. At that point I tried to say it wasn't a good idea for me to go, but they talked me into it anyway... (read: they didn't really listen to me) Putting a Buffy picture here, this is how I looked:

So, we left and stopped at IKEA to eat (they serve pretty decent food that doesn't cost much), and somehow all my frustration, anxiety, headache (yeah, still, even with pain-pills) and whiny kids, almost broke me down. I was an inch away from either screaming my lungs out or sitting on the floor crying. In Buffy pictures, about in this state:

At that moment my husband realized I really wasn't okay, and told me to take something (meds) if I had them with me. I did, and I sat down and downed three Diazepams with juice. They helped me through IKEA :) (There was a bright point with that visit. I found curtains for our living room REALLY cheap. The fabric cost 0,95 euros/meter, which is like... nothing)
I took two more pills in Naantali, and I survived the trip without making a scene. Back at my sister's, I talked to them, and said that I understand how they think I'm mostly all right most of the time, but they should still believe when I say I'm not up to some trip or something else. My moods can change very quickly to VERY bad sometimes, and if I hadn't had my meds with me, they would've had an ugly scene at IKEA...

Otherwise I loved seeing everyone there, and my niece and nephew liked the gifts we brought them from London. Still, being at home again is extremely nice :) My own bed, my own things, peace and quiet...

I hope you all are doing well in your own lives, with your own problems. *hugs and strength to you all*


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