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It´s not a secret that I don´t like Twilight, at all. But now I went and wrote a short crossover fic between BtVS and Twilight.
I wrote it as a contest entry in DA.
It´s only a short scene where Buffy and Spike are looking for Bella, and find out about the Cullens.
So, here it is, un-betaed, so all the mistakes are my own.

They all are NOT mine, this is just my fiction, no money involved.


"What are they Spike?"
"They´re vampires luv, you know that."
"But they don´t act like vampires, and I don´t get the same kind of tinglies from them as I usually do around you vamps."
"They are a different species, born from a slightly different kind of demon than we are. Vampire demon, but just, different. I haven´t seen many in all my years. They don´t turn people so easily. They also look different, don´t have the bumpies at all, or the yellow eyes. I´m not sure if there are any other quirks, could be."

They were sitting in a SUV with slightly darkened windows at a parking lot of a high school in Forks, Washington.
Buffy had never been to this part of US before, and even Spike hadn´t been in this small town. Boring as hell, had he stated five minutes after they drove into town.
They needed to be there though. There was a girl to be rescued. Girl that was currently changing angsty looks with one of the vampires.

Buffy´s Slayer senses told her that the girl was something like a Slayer too, but different. There was a lot of different going on here, maybe there´s something like a hellmouth too, she thought.

"I don´t think she´s a Slayer, Spike. But there´s definitely something weird about her."
"I know. Cordy´s vision told just that she´s important, has powers that can be used either for bad or for good. And as much as I´m still bad, I like it more when the world isn´t ending."
"Yeah yeah, I remember, you really like your dog racing, right?"
"Right, but you know it´s this feisty little Slayer I like more than anything in this world now. Don´t you?"

"I know. I wish I knew her, I bet she´s something special..."
"Oh you little wise ass..."
"But I thought you liked my ass Spike?"
"Well, you got me there luv. We really should try and focus on the job though."
"You´re no fun. But you´re right. What should we do? Kidnap her? And what about that vamp, do you think he will be trouble if we take this Bella away?"

"Could be. Vampires are very territorial, and if he thinks she belongs to him things could get ugly. I know I would raise hell if someone took you away."
"You would. But we´re mated and in love, I don´t think there was much love in their looks."
"Vampires can see someone as their property without mating, or love. He might see that Slayer-like demon inside her and just want her, for blood, for sex, for power, you take your pick."

Sun suddenly peeked out trough the clouds, and Buffy saw something weird.
"Did you see that Spike?! That glimmer. It was their skin I think."
"I saw it alright. Damn, I thought that was a fairytale for sure! I´ll own Clem ten kittens now."
"What are you talking about? Spike! Tell me, now."
"Clem once told me that these vamps don´t burn in the sun, they glimmer. Thought that was the stupidest thing I´ve ever heard. But it seems that Clem was right. Do you think anyone saw it besides us?"

"I don´t think so, almost everyone was inside already. And it was such a short glimpse that I´m not even sure I saw it. This is weird even on Sunnydale scale. It´s like we´re in a Twilight zone or something, I mean, shiny vampires?"
"Right there with you kitten. Pretty poncy thing if you ask me. Sounds like "Queer Eye For a Vampire" or something."
"Is there a TV show you DON´T watch Spike? I mean, Passions is lame, but that one? You wanna get all polished next? Maybe you and Angel could do it together, like go to a day spa and ,,,"

"Shut it little girl! Don´t compare me to that poofter! And I really don´t wanna be all shiny!"
"Okay, don´t fret! What do you say if I go and get the girl to come with us, and you go and find out what that vamp is up to?"
"Fine with me. I´ll just go and see if he has any claim on Bella or not. We´ll meet back here."


"Hi, you´re Bella, right? I´m Buffy, and I wanted to talk with you. There are some pretty weird things going on, and I wanna help you with them. You see, I´m a vampire Slayer."
Bella´s eyes went wide.
"A what of what?"


"Hi, name´s Spike. I wanna have few words with you. You see, I know what you are. What I don´t know is what you want with that Bella chick. And don´t lie or try anything funny. You may be shiny, but I can be real bumpy and fangy, you know, like a real vampire."
Edwards brow furrowed and his eyes flashed.
"You´re a what? I know what I am, and you´re not a vampire."
"Wanna bet?"




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