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[Error: unknown template qotd]This one, because my son has been playing Rock Band again quite a lot. For some reason I find myself humming it...

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[Error: unknown template qotd]To some this may sound like a missed opportunity to meet some amazing people from the past... but I would go for the living. The ones I really would LOVE to have around the same table, if it somehow magically would be possible.
I would get [ profile] framedinlove , [ profile] ssddgr , [ profile] dontgetanyolder and [ profile] tiger_bri_duck here :) Actually, I would love to get some other people from my F-list here as well, but these four already have things in common and would all probably want to be here. Maybe I could have two magical dinner parties...
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I have mentioned this before, but here goes anyway :)

My absolute dream job would be a sign language interpreter. One of our family friends is deaf, and I learnt to sign so I could interact with him better. He and his wife say I'm actually really good, but if I wanted to work, I would need to go to the right school. Problem is (besides my health problems) that there isn't a suitable school near enough. So I can't really get the right education. Well, at least I have a useful skill since I can communicate with deaf people rather well :)

As a bonus, here's a video by a Finnish artist Signmark, who happens to be deaf. In my opinion, he uses sign language in a really cool way. Songs are my favourite things to sign, because I can just let go and feel and show emotions :)

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The perfect pizza is no pizza. I've tried several kinds, but the fact remains, that pizza is not for me. I hate the tomato sauce, the cheese, most toppings... Yeah, no thanks. I would love to like it, though. So far, no luck.
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The one on the right. Rhubarb & Strawberry semifreddo chocolate... *sigh* It is SO good. Not too sweet and just so yummy. This is a new love, since it was only released not so long ago, but it went straight to the top of my list. I also love fresh berries in the summertime, just as they are, or with vanilla ice cream :)
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That is my answer to the writer's block. LJ is being a B**** and won't let me put the video anywhere else than on top of the page. *grrr* If anyone knows what helps, please tell me.

That song is my favorite Beatles song at the moment, because I have fun memories with my family, connected to this song. It makes me smile and sometimes dance by myself :)

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That was it. Boulder Dash. My friend had a Commodore 64, and I sometimes played this at her home. I loved it, I really did. We didn't have any kind of computer or gaming device, and I didn't really want one, but I loved this game. It was fun and challenging in its simplicity, and it was new. This happened when I was twelve, 1987. Much later, probably in 1997, I remembered the game again, and loaded it on our computer. Payed it for a long while too. Now I play it online sometimes.
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This is weird in my friends' opinion, pretty much all of them think it's silly, but I really don't care :) Although I have bought all of these, they are just as much my son's.

We have all but one Pokémon game. The basic ones. We have a couple of the side games, but I don't really care for those; I only buy them if I can get them really cheap.

Anyway... these aren't easy to find when you live in Finland, except if you want to pay a lot of money. I got most of them from ebay, but even then not everyone ships to Finland, so it has been a process...

Here are the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance ones:

Red, Blue, Yellow
Silver, Gold, Crystal
Ruby, Saphire, Emerald
Leaf Green, Fire Red

And here are the DS ones:

Diamond, Pearl, Platinum
Soul Silver, Heart Gold
Black (the only one missing is White)

Playing Pokémon is probably incredibly geeky for a woman of my age, but that isn't so bad. It's relaxing and gives me this tiny thrill, when I plan how I'm going to play the game. I've played most of these games through, and currently I have Soul Silver in my DS.

I wanted to get all of them partly because it's simply nice to have them all, but mainly because I wanted to play them. You can play Pokémon on your computer with an emulator, but that's actually illegal, and it's very easy to cheat with that. I wanted to own the games.

That's it, my geeky Collect 'em All post :)
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I loved this book series when I was a kid, and I still read the books from time to time.

Well, then they went and made this:

It's a bad, BAD movie, and the worst thing is, it changes the story of the books in a major way to the worse. It really could've been a great movie, if someone had taken care when making it, but no. So, if I could have my wish, someone intelligent and skillful would remake the film. Everything about it would have to change, basically. The storyline should be like in the books, most of the actors would have to change, the special effects need updating badly... The whole spirit of the books should be clearly shown in the movie. That's my choice :)
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When I'm at home and awake at night, the best thing to stop the possible craving is... pineapple. Don't know why, I simply love it almost in any form. The best way to have it, is a fresh pineapple, sliced and diced, yum!

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If my husband cheated on me, I might not end the marriage, but it would depend on certain things.

For me the important factors would be:

1. Did he confess on his own

2. Was he sincerely, deeply sorry about what he did

3. How often it happened

4. Who did he cheat me with

5. Would I be well convinced that he would never do it again

6. Would he be willing to work to make our relationship solid again, "make it up to me"

We've been married for well over sixteen years, so I wouldn't give up on the marriage or him for one mistake. If he however did it again after I'd forgiven him... that would be it. I could maybe give him that one chance, but no more.
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For me the best game will always be Guitar Hero :) However, the best game we bought in 2010 is Super Mario Galaxy 2!!!

It's simply a FUN game with lots of things to do for players of all ages. We have the SMG 1 too, and although my son thinks it's a bit better than the 2, I disagree. I love all the forms Mario can take, like a cloud, a bee, a rock, a spring... The freedom of movement is amazing, and the planets are VERY imaginative.

If you have a Nintendo Wii, this one is a game you want, especially if you have kids.
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It was pan fried vendace. I LOVED it when I was a kid, and I still do. Where we live, vendace is a rather cheap fish too. I roll them in rye flour and fry them in butter, add a little salt and that's it. Me, my husband and our son like them, but my daughter not so much.

The fish look like this when fried. Not very pretty, but they do taste yummy :)

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I believe memories definitely do affect us when we make decisions. "This food gave me the hives, I better stay away from it." or "Last time I took this road, I was stuck in traffic for three hours... I better avoid it this time." or "Oh, this was truly blissful, I want to experience it again!" or "This person made fun of me when I told her something personal; I'm not making the same mistake."

We should learn from our actions, good or bad. Remembering some things is painful, it can cripple us, but not dealing with the memories can do the same. My own experience with blocking a truly painful memory for three months... Well, it all came crashing down on me and sent me to a mental hospital for several months. Of course that's just my experience, but I've learned from it.

Some things though, I find good to forget. When someone does something wrong, hurts you somehow, but is truly, honestly, sorry for it, and it isn't an unforgivable thing for you... When they show with their actions that they want to make it up to you, that they don't ever want to hurt you like that again, and you forgive them...that's when it's a good time to forget. For truly forgive is to forget. To not hold it against that person or to bring it up again. It takes a lot from the both of you, but it is possible.

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I believe there isn't a time limit to it. Can't be. Every person is different, they have different coping methods for a broken heart. Asking how long it will take, is kind of pointless. It takes as long as it takes, so if our friend is suffering from a broken heart, saying something like "You should be over it by now" can be really hurtful. Let's just be there for them and help them heal in their own pace. *hugs for everyone who has a broken heart right now*

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I live in Finland, so it didn't hit me as hard as those who live closer. BUT, I do remember the day very well. We were looking for a house to buy, and were inside that house having a tour, when my best friend called me and asked if I had the TV open. We asked the owner if we could open his TV, and there it was, happening in real time. It was happening so far away, but it still felt horrible. I have always hated and feared war, bombings, terrorism, everything related to it, so it did frighten me. *If it can happen there, will it happen elsewhere too?!* *How many people have died there? How many more will die?* I sat there on the couch, finding it hard to believe, like I have hard time believing every war. *Why do people hate eachother? Why do they think someone deserves to die?*

For me, it was again a sign that this world can be crazy. People can do horrible things, because they think their way of thinking, believing, living, is the only right one. Because they think it's okay to take someone's life. My mind can't grasp it.

I'm truly sorry for every life that was lost, sorry for everyone who lost someone they cared for. I feel sad that we, as people, are capable of things like this :(

(Lines from a poem by Phil Panebianco)
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I don't think there's a number that could be applied to all couples. People simply mature in a different pace. Someone can be very mature and ready for marriage and kids under the age of twenty, and someone at the age of forty, for example. So, my humble opinion is, that as long as both parties are of legal age and there isn't a significant unbalance between their situations (like for example if the other one is somehow in a supervising position above the other, like teacher/student, boss/employee or something like that, and even from those there COULD be exceptions, I suppose, but rarely) and if they both are in it for just the relationship, not for money or other personal gain...then go for it. I've seen a marriage where the husband is 17 years younger than the wife, and it works perfectly well, to mention one, so I'm not one to stare at the numbers alone. 
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Someone can learn a lot about me quickly, but knowing how I "work", what moves me, why I am who I am... that takes time. I'm not sure even I know myself so well.
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Hm... What Would Buffy Do? Because, if zombies existed, Buffy would be real too, so I would get her to kick some zombie ass and avert the apocalypse. Again. :)
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There has been many moments I will remember always, like falling in love for the first time, falling in love with the guy you know you want to marry, marrying that guy, hearing my brother could die any minute, hearing he would make many.
But nothing really compares to the two moments that meant the most to me; hearing and seeing my daughter and son for the first time. It was after nine months of waiting, slightly fearing that something would go wrong and so on. And there they were; kind of red, still not bathed, their heads slightly funny shaped just after they were born, and so utterly beautiful :) Those two moments were like nothing else.

I'll never experience that again. I'm not too old, I'm just turning 35, but I had a sterilization done couple of years ago. My health just wasn't getting better, and with my bipolar disorder, it would've been very difficult to take care of a baby. Also, I was feeling that I didn't want to start it all over again. Our kids were old enough to be more independent, easy in a way. And then there was the fact that they would hit their teens soon, and that would bring its own troubles. So baby would've been simply too much for us. I've never regretted the decision. It was the right one to do. So no more moments like that.

There will be amazing moments in the future, I'm sure. Like seeing my grandchildren for the first time, if I'll have them. Still nothing will be as great as seeing my own kids, hearing them cry, hearing the nurses and midwifes say that everything seems to be okay. *hugs the kids yet again*

I don't have any baby pictures of Saara and Santeri in digital form, so I took pictures of pictures :) That means that the quality is poor, but you still get the idea of what they looked like when they were little.

This is Saara, about three weeks old.

And Santeri, about four weeks old.


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